For art’s sake?

29 Aug 2011

Stephen Hetherington looks at how New Labour’s approach to culture twinned it with economic benefits and social policy

Culture gets no mention in Government plans for Planning Policy

29 Aug 2011

The Theatres Trust has issued a rallying cry to the sector as culture and the arts are overlooked in a draft National Planning Policy.

The rural biennale

25 Jul 2011

Ian Hunter on a new role for the arts in promoting rural regeneration, environmental sustainability and the creative rural economy

Evaluating value

Photo of choristera
13 Feb 2006

Debate about how best to justify support for the arts has evolved in recent months with the notion of cultural value. Eleonora Belfiore shares her views on it.

Arts in the curriculum - Drive for creativity

Photo of child painting
19 Apr 2004

Schools Minister David Miliband writes about the Government’s efforts to place the arts and creativity at the heart of the curriculum.

Hewitt demands relaxation of Government control

Photo of Peter Hewitt
25 Mar 2002

A plea for the Government to release the arts from damaging levels of accountability was made by Peter Hewitt, Chief Executive of the Arts Council of England (ACE), in a major speech at the National Portrait Gallery last week.


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