The phoenix rises

06 Feb 2012

In his recent AP blog, David Dixon asked who is supporting arts fundraisers now that Arts & Business is going…. But A&B isn’t going. Philip Spedding explains

A clear vision

12 Dec 2011

Christopher Wynn applauds Blackbaud’s software for giving fundraisers at Edinburgh International Festival a clear understanding of what their supporters want

Goodbye Arts & Business, hello…what exactly?

21 Nov 2011

David Dixon volunteers suggestions for the future of arts fundraising

Good on paper, bad in practice

10 Oct 2011

In the first of a two articles looking at policy initiatives for stimulating fundraising in the cultural sector, Javier Stanziola critiques the match-funding approach

New schemes for new cash

10 Oct 2011

Private giving becomes the new mantra in the arts as ACE launches new match-funding schemes

The Fund Zone

19 Sep 2011

Fundraising isn’t easy when donors smell desperation, says Greg Klerkx

Join the crowd

19 Sep 2011

Heather Stewart celebrates the potential of crowd funding and crowd sourcing as income streams – but only as part of an overall funding mix

Fool’s gold?

19 Sep 2011

Further details of new funding schemes to help arts organisations build their fundraising capacity and develop an endowment have been released by Arts Council England

Needs and networks

04 Jul 2011

Rosalie Neath explains how volunteers help the work of the Art Fund

Catalyst for philanthropy

04 Jul 2011

ACE announces details of £40m scheme to boost private giving to the arts

Catalyst for philanthropy

13 Jun 2011

ACE announces details of £40m scheme to boost private giving to the arts

Social media fundraising

11 Apr 2011

Heather Stewart wonders how social media fundraising will develop and who will capitalise on it successfully


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