Culture Secretary backs charitable giving report

30 Nov 2012

Maria Miller says arts organisations fall short in their efforts to secure legacy giving.

Sector pushed closer to a private funding culture

Wodge of notes
12 Nov 2012

ACE’s latest funding stream will provide professional development for fundraising and capacity-building support for arts consortia.

Bringing the board to the forefront of fundraising

16 Oct 2012

Christopher Goodhart asks how board members can make more of their fundraising role.

My Gurus...

24 Aug 2012

Gemma Taylor names those who have inspired her most

Breathing Life Into In Memoriam Giving

Five colourful bunches of flowers
24 Aug 2012

In Memoriam giving remains one of the most under-developed and reactive methods of raising funds within the whole voluntary sector. Yet the opportunities it presents for both securing significant levels of income and building powerful, long-term relationships with supporters is almost unique. John Grain explains why.

Boards are barrier to progress

23 Jul 2012

Inactive trustees could be the Achilles heel in arts sector efforts to attract individual giving

Defining values

02 Jul 2012

Julia Rowntree, with Russell Willis Taylor and Anna Ledgard, reveal how a focus on practical and effective ways to create real value can sit at the heart of successful fundraising

Swings and roundabouts

11 Jun 2012

Rick Bond weighs up the implications of transferring to a trust

Catalyst ignites arts fundraising push

21 May 2012

Successful bidders get a three-year cushion to attract more private money

Taxing gifts

Photo of present
21 May 2012

The recent budget has propelled charitable giving and tax into the media spotlight. Mahmood Reza explains what it’s all about, and how it could affect fundraising efforts.

Job ladder

30 Apr 2012

Maggie Clarke tracks the progression of her career

Giving up on philanthropy?

30 Apr 2012

EXCLUSIVE: New report reveals cynicism about Philanthropy in the Arts

If you don’t ask

19 Mar 2012

Is the arts and culture sector missing a trick? Christopher Goodhart urges wider action to promote legacy giving.

Fund-raising the game

27 Feb 2012

Christopher Goodhart believes the route to more successful fundraising comes through thinking laterally & testing new channels


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