Scientists boycott Science Museum amid new sponsorship claims

22 Nov 2021

Leading scientists have boycotted the Science Museum until it announces a moratorium on fossil fuel funding.

An open letter signed by over 60 professionals, including former Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Chair Robert Watson, says they “can no longer be complicit" in the policies adopted by the museum.

“This means publicly committing not to renew any existing contracts when they expire, or to form any new ones until, at the very least, the company demonstrates a credible plan for phasing out fossil fuels in line with the Paris 1.5°C target,” it continues.

The letter follows criticism of the Science Museum’s sponsorship agreements with oil giants Shell and Adani, which led to the resignation of its former director and two trustees, and comes amid new claims the institution signed a similar 'gagging clause' with Adani as it it did Shell.

The contract prohibits the museum from making "any statement or issue any publicity or otherwise be involved in any conduct or matter that may reasonably be forsseen as discrediting or damaging the goodwill or reputation" of Adani Green Energy.

The Science Museum did not apply its own standards for ethical sponsorship to the Adani's parent group because the deal is with Adani Green Energy.

However, newly released documents suggest Adani Group negotiated the partnership.

"In the wake of COP26, there is no justification for providing positive PR to companies heavily involved in fossil fuel extraction," said Culture Unstained Co-Director Jess Worth.

"It’s time [the Science Museum] admitted their mistake and engaged with those who care so deeply about the museum’s future that they are willing to pass up paid work and prestigious opportunities to make their concerns heard."

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Channel 4 drops BP from Paralympics coverage

24 Aug 2021

Channel 4 have confirmed BP will no longer sponsor its coverage of the Paralympics, due to start later this week.

A Freedom of Information request by Culture Unstained confirmed the oil company will no longer share sponsorship with Toyota.

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Although Channel 4 declined to confirm why the oil giant is no longer a sponsor, climate activists have cited growing public opposition to fossil fuel sponsorship.
Andrew Simms from the Rapid Transition Alliance said the decision should “send a wider message” around the ethics of sponsorship.

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05 Aug 2021

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