The best laid plans…

Reflections of a street scene in a coffee shop window
22 Apr 2020

Being fleet of foot and digitally prepared means MSL is ahead of most in re-configuring its programme online. But in a landscape that we don’t yet understand, questions remain about its longer-term viability. Margaret Sheehy tells the story.

The joy of mentoring

Two women looking at a laptop screen
22 Apr 2020

The rewards of helping an early career fundraiser with their goals and development are amazing, says Samir Savant. So anyone thinking about mentoring should just go for it!

Rural touring schemes suffer heavy burden from cancelled performances

Empty stage with a period backdrop with the word 'Pennygaff' in the background and a chair in the foreground with a 'closed' sign on top
17 Apr 2020

The number of event cancellations at small rural venues is placing “an immense personal toll” on those who programme professional artists and companies in community settings.

Grim outcomes for artists and organisations as the impact of the lockdown starts to bite

A sculpture of The Ulster Brewer or Barrel Man 1997 By Ross Wilson
17 Apr 2020

Family and friends are helping artists to make ends meet as their incomes – and those of the organisations that contract them – start to plummet.

The Other Side – what should it look like and how can we get there?

Photo of the sun rising through a forest
15 Apr 2020

As governments start to draw up plans for supporting the post-virus cultural sector, the voices of those working in it are the most important. Liz Hill introduces a new series of articles. 

Reasons to be cheerful

Photo shows a grandfather reading bedtime stories to three toddlers and a baby on a sofa
08 Apr 2020

“You may be down, but you're not out”, says Ron Evans, who is convinced this pandemic is poised to be the biggest catalyst to creativity that any of us has experienced in our lives.

Falling between the cracks

String section of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra
08 Apr 2020

The financial fallout from the cancellation and postponement of hundreds of orchestral performances is taking a heavy toll on both orchestras and musicians. Mark Pemberton explains the issues – and what the ABO is doing about them.

Artrix falls victim to Covid-19 trading losses

Artrix Arts Centre image
07 Apr 2020

The Bromsgrove arts centre was returning to financial health following local authority cuts, but the coronavirus crisis has proved fatal for the organisation, which needs £10,000 a month to lie dormant.

UN proclaims value of artists – but no payment

Russian dolls with Covid masks
03 Apr 2020

Creative practitioners are being told “you have the power to change the world” but responses to its creative brief will be rewarded with profile and exposure, not cash.

Covid-19: Funders reveal plans for the survival of the sector

02 Apr 2020

£11m for Scotland, £7m for Wales and £1m for Northern Ireland as their arts councils announce plans to support organisations and creative workers.

Maintaining focus in the eye of the storm

Satellite photo of an eye of a storm
02 Apr 2020

Once the initial storm of Covid-19 closures and lockdown subsides, rapid and focused medium-term planning will be essential for the recovery of arts organisations. Robin Cantrill-Fenwick proposes a 5-step plan for getting on track.

When the audiences go, what happens to the buildings left behind?

Pigeons walking around the South Bank
01 Apr 2020

While our concert halls, theatres, galleries and museums sit empty, dedicated teams take centre stage to make sure venues are ready for our return. Kieron Lillis explains the challenge facing the National Theatre.

Food bags, laundry and companionship… a different type of community service

Audience sitting at tables with drinks
01 Apr 2020

Being at the heart of its community is the hallmark of Slung Low’s creative work. Its doors may be closed but its community engagement is greater than ever. Alan Lane tells how the team has stepped up to new challenges.

Covid-19: Charities face £4bn 'black hole'

31 Mar 2020

Thousands of arts, culture and heritage charities improve communities, wellbeing and isolation – "functions that are particularly important during this crisis".

Covid-19: Disability top of mind for DCMS

30 Mar 2020

Disabled artists say their safety, security and insight into limited lifestyles are crucial during this crisis. 

Victory: sector celebrates pay protection for self-employed

27 Mar 2020

As stopgap measures grow in number, some arts workers will still fall through the cracks.

Life after Covid: who will survive?

Exterior of the detroit institute of art
26 Mar 2020

Over the coming weeks, arts funders and philanthropists must make heart-rending decisions about who will survive. A coordinated approach to capitalising the sector is needed, says Alan Brown.

Communicating with donors at a time of crisis

26 Mar 2020

Fundraising might seem impossible right now but donors need to hear from you on good days and bad, writes Michelle Wright.

How to help audiences choose donations and ticket exchange

Regent Ipswich
26 Mar 2020

Audiences like to feel personally responsible for bringing about positive change, says Sean Hanly, so giving them the chance to consider options other than a ticket refund will generate goodwill and encourage them to return - once it’s safe to open the doors again.

Self care: a life jacket in a crisis

26 Mar 2020

How do arts organisations and individuals cope when what we do so instinctively is threatened? Lead the way and self care says Suzanne Alleyne.


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