Lobbying for creative workers falls on deaf ears

Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer
01 Jun 2020

A tapering extension to pay protection for furloughed employees and Government refusal to acknowledge groups that have fallen through the gaps in its Covid-19 support schemes offer no comfort to the arts.

More businesses have closed in the arts than any other sector, figures show

We're closed due to Covid-19 sign outside a public building
29 May 2020

A quarter of UK employees are on furlough, but in the arts the figure is around two-thirds, Government figures reveal.

Museums and galleries face new challenges as re-opening approaches

man and woman sitting on a bench looking at a painting in a gallery - view from behind the couple
29 May 2020

Museums and galleries are preparing to address the conflicting challenges of attracting audiences back whilst having to postpone the most popular exhibitions until social distancing measures are lifted.

Culture Secretary under fire for Taskforce membership

Julian Knight MP, Chair of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee
29 May 2020

BAME arts leaders, the community arts sector and the Chair of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee have all raised concerns that those with the ear of Government are not representative of the sector.

Sector fights for the survival of the self employed workforce

a man sitting behind a drum-kit in the foreground and a man standing in the background with a keyboard
28 May 2020

A chorus of dismay is growing in response to the deepening financial crisis facing many of the artistic and creative workers who form the largest part of the arts sector, and on whom the UK's arts infrastructure depends.

Societal trends have produced a fertile market for British crafts

stylish lounge with classic upholstered furniture
28 May 2020

The growth of online sales has expanded the craft market and provided more opportunities for disabled people, but fears are growing over the impact of Brexit, rising costs and competition forcing prices down.

Climate is still an emergency in the age of Covid-19

picture of an iceberg with the words 'discounting the future' projected on it
27 May 2020

Change needs public and political buy-in and art is the most effective way to communicate a complex concept to a population. It’s the key to unlocking a safer world, says David Buckland.

The long tail for fundraising and philanthropy

banner on railings with the words "there will be a rainbow after the storm" (the word 'rainbow' is replaced with a painting of a rainbow)
27 May 2020

Covid-19 may have stimulated the Big Society, but it will see the arts sector fundamentally change, says Michelle Wright.

The Way Forward

photo of a long straight road heading into the mountains behind
26 May 2020

Preparing for the post-lockdown, post-Covid world? Read here about what everyone else is doing - and beg, borrow and share great ideas with others facing the same challenges as you. Robert Sanderson and Margaret Levin provide a regular round-up of what's new.

Refund woes continue as consumers berate ticketing practices

view across a pop concert from the back of an auditorium
26 May 2020

Huge public anger over ticketing companies’ foot-dragging approach to offering refunds for cancelled and postponed events continues to boil on social media.

Ministerial taskforce to discuss reopening, but not funding

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden
22 May 2020

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden is asking senior representatives across the DCMS portfolio to find “creative ways to get these sectors up and running again”, but there is no talk of a cash injection to secure their future.

Local venues could be key to keeping audiences engaged

Back to Blackbrick
22 May 2020

Rural touring could win back audiences first, as confidence in village hall venues is higher than for other types of auditorium, research finds.

Inquiry lays bare the impending collapse of the cultural sector ecology

audiences at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
22 May 2020

Commercial operators reveal eye-watering losses and other non-subsidised organisations sit on the brink of ruin in the absence of financial support from the Government for those ineligible for existing emergency funding streams.

‘Equality, diversity and social justice’ must follow the crisis, says Arts Council

the foyer of Wales Millennium Centre
20 May 2020

The sector is “on its knees”, the Arts Council of Wales tells a Senedd committee, and invites the arts community to contribute to plans for “lasting and systemic change” post-lockdown.

Lockdown, Learn and Lead

people sitting chatting in a group in a darkened room
20 May 2020

How can we preserve the entrepreneurial spirit that has characterised the sector’s response to the pandemic, and which of the new ways of being should form part of a new compact with our audiences and communities? Hilary Carty looks at the challenges ahead.

Getting operationally ready

inside of the Princes Theatre
20 May 2020

Innovative solutions to emerging problems are showing how much can be achieved right now, but getting operationally ready for the next stage is the new challenge facing the arts. It’s important to recognise it’s a shared challenge writes Paul Fadden.

Co-creation and community contact

Woman wearing a hat
19 May 2020

How can an organisation that depends on face-to-face interaction with its audience sustain its work during the Covid-19 lockdown? Pat Moores asked Adel Al-Salloum how the The Spark Arts for Children is planning to face the future.

New alliance to give higher visibility to disabled creative practitioners

A performance of The Who's Tommy at the Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich
19 May 2020

Concerns that progress towards diversity is being de-prioritised as a result of the Covid crisis have prompted a new forum from which to raise the voice of D/deaf and disabled creative practitioners and campaign for inclusion.

Plans for a national furlough skills exchange programme take shape

four people from mixed race backgrounds sitting in an office high-fiving each other
18 May 2020

Fears that the current crisis is leading to “an incredible level of retrenching” on diversity have prompted actions to launch a scheme that will enable furloughed staff and diverse-led organisations to share skills.

Refund scandal could tarnish the reputation of the theatre industry

people standing casullay outside the Savoy Theatre in London
15 May 2020

Ticket buyers fighting to claim refunds from ATG Tickets have found the company is not automatically refunding transaction fees, claiming this is in line with the industry’s Code of Practice.


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