Research body campaigns for culture and creativity

young girl wearing a virtual reality headset
15 May 2020

As the Arts and Humanities Research Council sets out to demonstrate the role digital developments can play in arts and culture, some academics believe it is overstepping its brief.

Early applicants were more likely to be winners in ACE emergency funding rounds

15 May 2020

Demand for emergency grants to support non-NPOs and individual artists through the Covid crisis could outstrip the funding available by up to £74m.

Music lobby gathers steam and support

Musicians' Union 'keep music live' sticker
14 May 2020

Proposals for a taskforce to help ‘get the music industry back on its feet’ and a petition to increase royalties for streamed music are among the latest measures aimed at putting pressure on the Government to support the music industry.

Delay Brexit or the music sector faces devastation, says report

anti-Brexit banner being held up at a demo
14 May 2020

Brexit fall-out is biting harder as musicians find it more difficult to secure European opportunities while uncertainty over the terms of a trade deal remains.

How can arts organisations support artists during lockdown?

two women flicking through painting canvasses in a studio or shop setting
13 May 2020

As Wimbledon Art Fair opens online, Emily Robson explores the ways in which studios can continue to help artists find a market for their work.

When the going gets tough…

over the shoulder view of female looking at a laptop screen whilst designing a poster
13 May 2020

Fine art students at the University of Lincoln are determined not to let coronavirus ruin their degree show. Emma Brice explains how they’ve been harnessing social media to give profile to their now-online celebration of 3 years’ hard work.

Local authority leaders propose a coordinated post-Covid ‘reset’

Reading Hexagon theatre
08 May 2020

Delivering solutions to social and economic problems after the pandemic will require policy-makers in different areas to “re-think received wisdom” about how they should function, and collaborate more closely rather than ‘jostle for space at the table’.

Online engagement has shifted as the Covid crisis continues, research finds

four people sitting in a gallery wearing virtual reality headsets
07 May 2020

Interest in virtual museum tours was shortlived, suggests US research, which finds that ‘things to do with kids’, ‘rainy day activities’ and ‘date night’ ideas are having more enduring appeal.

Organisations are paralysed, but the musicians play on

a group of woodwind musicians perofrming in a room
06 May 2020

“It is the art they want, not the buildings”. Jessica Walker says it’s time to rethink the structures that allow arts organisations’ viability to rely on the self-exploitation of musicians and creatives.

Supporting freelancers through the crisis – and beyond

a female writing at a desk behind a glass door
06 May 2020

If organisations don’t get a grip on the difference between being a freelancer and an employee – and give both the rights and benefits they are entitled to – then the workforce they depend upon may not be returning to them after the current crisis has passed, says Sara Whybrew.

The Other Side: resetting the dial for inclusion

A group of Graeae performers on stage in a production of Reasons to be Cheerful in 2017
06 May 2020

As cultural organisations attempt to coax reluctant individuals back into the habit of live cultural attendance, now’s the time to break down once and for all the attitudinal and physical barriers that exclude D/deaf and disabled people. Andrew Miller explains why – and how.

Lockdown sees major boost in engagement with digital culture

Mac keyboard next to a smartphone with headphones and Google Play on the phone screen
30 Apr 2020

A quarter of those who have accessed cultural content online since the coronavirus crisis began have done so for the first time, research finds.

Museums face strict re-opening rules

a young man, back to us, viewing picture in a gallery
30 Apr 2020

Museums and galleries across Europe are preparing to open, but the impact of social distancing measures and a lack of tourists raises concerns for their viability.

London mayor steps in to support ‘at risk’ culture and creative businesses

small, dark empty music venue with mic, drums and piano
30 Apr 2020

Grassroots music venues, artist studio workspaces, independent cinemas and LGBTQ+ venues will share a fund that aims to catch those falling through the gaps in Government coronavirus support schemes.

The ‘new normal’: will the only artists left be enthusiastic amateurs?

The National Theatre, Munich
30 Apr 2020

Our much-discussed social and mental health relies on having something to live for and cherish during and after this existential shock. So when will someone start treating artists as Essential Workers, asks Julian Reynolds.

Five steps towards a new future

black and white mosaic pavement with the word 'Imagine' set in black
30 Apr 2020

A structured reflection process can support arts leaders to find tentative answers to the overwhelming problems they are facing. Richard Watts offers a framework to guide the process.

Learning the art of ‘un-producing’

a group of people sitting and standing whilst singing in a hall
29 Apr 2020

How are small theatre companies living through the current crisis – and what does the future hold for them? Matthew Austin's experiences will be all too familiar to many.

Up to £1 billion income losses face Arts Council England NPOs

Southbank centre with statue situated in front of a wall displaying the words 'making a future for the theatre'
24 Apr 2020

The £90m emergency fund earmarked to support ACE’s National Portfolio Organisations and Creative People and Places consortia is no more than a drop in the ocean against the vast income streams they are losing as a result of the shutdown.

‘Protect us or lose us’ warn artists

an artist's studio with paintings all around
24 Apr 2020

Leading representative bodies have set out their concerns for visual artists, telling the Chancellor of the Exchequer why coronavirus financial support systems are failing to support them and leaving the nation’s cultural life in jeopardy.

Organisations join forces to secure a future for the cultural sector in the West Midlands

Centenary Square – a cultural hub in Birmingham at dusk
22 Apr 2020

A coordinated focus on strategy, planning, communication and campaigns will enable a region-wide response to the current situation.


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