Being brave

Photo of women working at table
09 Jul 2015

The evidence suggests that a diverse workforce will bring a diverse audience. So it’s time for the arts to be bold and lead the diversity charge, says Sam Colt.

Employment boom in music, performing and visual arts

Photo of a BBC Proms concert
03 Jul 2015

Jobs in the arts are growing at a higher rate than in any other area of the creative industries, but new figures from the DCMS lay bare the scale of the diversity problem.

There is more that unites us than divides us

Photo of Nwando Ebizie performing
25 Jun 2015

What are the ‘choke points’ preventing culturally diverse artists from succeeding and should we stop talking about ‘diversity’? These issues and more were discussed at nitroBEAT’s ‘D’ Word event. Diane Morgan summarises. 

From words into action

Photo of people at event
18 Jun 2015

The Warwick Commission report may have sparked a useful debate, but how can its recommendations be acted upon locally, asks Chris Bilton.

Respect and reward

Photo of volunteer in collections section
16 Apr 2015

Community members and arts and heritage organisations can all benefit from volunteering if some basic principles are followed. Abigail Kay explains what good practice looks like.

Attracting a diverse workforce

Photo of lots of coloured pencils
26 Feb 2015

At a time when fundraising for the arts seems mostly to be done by white females, Michelle Wright speaks to development professionals about how we can face this diversity crisis.

Building a business in the black arts

Image of Bass Festival artists
15 Dec 2014

In a week when arts organisations are urged to make a greater commitment to diversity, Ammo Talwar outlines his business model based on a specialist knowledge of the ‘black arts’, organic growth, a degree of risk-taking… and no mention of the D word.

ACE renews its commitment to diversity

Photo of Sir Peter Bazalgette
08 Dec 2014

Sir Peter Bazalgette has outlined a “fundamental shift” in the Arts Council’s approach to diversity, aiming to make creative opportunities more accessible to all.

In upbeat and dynamic mood

Image of Jenny Sealey at ITC
20 Oct 2014

As the Independent Theatre Council celebrates its 40th anniversary, its members discussed touring, artists’ pay, inclusion and much more at its recent conference. Charlotte Jones reports.

Slow progress on widening diversity

Photo of manequins
25 Sep 2014

Report finds that many arts organisations lack the expertise or resources needed to meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010.

ACE to monitor diversity of artists and performers employed by NPOs

Photo of a man playing the violin
08 Jul 2014

The British Film Institute goes one step further and introduces quotas for Lottery-funded films. 

BBC reveals plans to tackle lack of diversity

Photo of Lenny Henry
24 Jun 2014

Action plan to boost diversity on- and off-screen is “a really positive small step forward” but is using “an old model that doesn't work” says Lenny Henry.

Creating a Non Tech City

Image of Tech City
19 Jun 2014

With Tech City dwindling in the rearview mirror, Toks Majek-Akisanya sets his SatNav for a 'Non Tech City' where the action is centred around the creative industries.

Environmental art in the city

Image of Seed to Seed exhibition
09 Jun 2014

Laura Coleman explains why she went ahead and set up an arts organisation to explore environmental art, despite the advice of many people.

No longer the poor cousin

Image of Future Arts Centres conference
02 Jun 2014

Gavin Barlow and Clare Connor argue that arts centres occupy an important place in our cultural, artistic and social life.

Cultural DNA and ecosystems of success

Performance of Richard ii
28 Feb 2014

Jonothan Neelands warns that although creativity and cultural vibrancy are part of our shared DNA, the flourishing Creative Industries will wither unless attention is paid to their delicate root system which relies on public subsidy to survive.

Taking positive action

A photo of Permeate fellows
10 Jul 2013

Jenny Williams is looking forward to the day when our national cultural institutions are led by a beautiful diversity of people across age, gender and culture.

Diversity planning

Photo of four female performers in Snakes and Ladders
07 Mar 2013

Jenny Williams suggests some questions the arts sector should be asking in response to the 2011 Census findings relating to ethnicity/identity and migration.


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