Survey to track arts diversity in Scotland

Photo of discussion
30 Sep 2016

Creative Scotland is to gather evidence on individuals’ occupation, employment status and career progression across the country.

To those angry at me

Photo of conference panel
28 Sep 2016

Adam Taylor, an organiser of the NewHorizons16 conference on diversity and inclusion, responds to one of the day’s themes: opportunities are not open to everyone in the arts because white, middle-class, middle-aged men stand in the way.

White arts workers less likely to favour diversity quotas

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23 Sep 2016

Survey findings reveal a deep division in opinion among arts workers about how to increase the diversity of the sector’s workforce.  

Arts diversity: Your words, not mine

Photo of Laura Jones
22 Sep 2016

In part two of a series on diversity in the arts, Christy Romer says that labels like ‘diverse’ and ‘BME’ may fail to capture a person’s lived experience - but it would be harder to address inequality without them.

Pulse report – part 1: Diversity in the arts workforce – what needs to change?

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20 Sep 2016

Should the arts be doing more to increase diversity? And if so, what? In this first of three reports, Frances Richens looks at the findings from ArtsProfessional's latest Pulse survey, with a focus on diversity in the workplace.

Scotland’s National Performing companies commit to gender equality

Photo of ballet rehearsal
16 Sep 2016

National Theatre of Scotland and Scottish Ballet are among the performing arts companies pledging to have a gender balanced board by 2020.

Classical music becoming middle class, committee hears

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09 Sep 2016

A meeting of the Countries of Culture inquiry this week heard about the challenges facing regional arts organisations following local authority cuts.

Arts Minister backs access agenda in first keynote speech

Photo of Matt Hancock giving his speech
09 Sep 2016

New Arts Minister Matt Hancock stressed the sector’s “special responsibility” to promote social mobility in his first major speech to the arts today.

Museum entry fees do not affect visitor diversity, research suggests

Derby Museums Trust
09 Sep 2016

Overall visitor numbers typically fall when entry fees are introduced, but donations and secondary spend are not affected.

Arts diversity: There is catching up to do

Photo of Spare Tyre
08 Sep 2016

In the first in a series of articles based on independent research and interviews with key figures about diversity in the arts, Christy Romer asks: how can we be getting it so wrong when everything seems so right?

Funding boost targets arts provision for diverse communities

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09 Aug 2016

Arts Council England has committed £5.3m to a scheme aimed at developing greater resilience among organisations contributing to wider diversity in the arts.

Arts Council of Wales consults on new approach to diversity

Photo of diverse faces
05 Aug 2016

A new Strategic Equality Action Plan has been drawn up after researchers found that some aspects of the arts in Wales are becoming less diverse.

Resource highlights arts-based technologies for disabled creatives

Monument to the unintended performer
05 Aug 2016

A website providing advice and best practice for using technology to aid creativity has been launched for the disability arts sector.

Challenging a monolithic culture

Photo of spiral staircase in museum
21 Jul 2016

The arts sector talks a lot about diversity, but what can actually be done to achieve it? Monica Montgomery suggests ten ways to take action.

Museum and gallery employment estimates rise

Photo of woman in museum
07 Jul 2016

The latest Government statistics suggest the creative industries are continuing to grow and improve diversity.

ACE to update review on equality and diversity in the arts

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07 Jul 2016

Arts Council England has issued a callout for research conducted around diversity in arts participation, audiences, employment practices and funding.

The best road to a different future

Photo of fork in the path in the woods
30 Jun 2016

Twenty-five years after writing an article about his concern for ‘the future of black arts’, David Bryan considers whether progress has been made and looks to the future.

Small teams, huge ambitions

Audience member amid ivy on set
30 Jun 2016

Major audience development initiatives may be inspiring, but most arts organisations can learn more from what the smaller players are doing. Sara Lock shares a few examples.

White noise

Photo of audience in dark theatre
24 Jun 2016

Achieving greater diversity in the arts isn’t rocket science, says Ammo Talwar, but it is time for big actions.


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