Issue 375: Artistic freedom: threats and challenges

  • Artistic freedom: threats and challenges

    Image of Toomaj Salehi
    10 Apr 2024

    Artistic freedom is an increasingly contested area of public discourse. But as Ruth Anderson of Index on Censorship argues, while she might not agree with what is expressed, she defends the right to do so.

    Freedom of expression is an increasingly fashionable topic. Rarely does a day go by when there isn’t a discussion in the media about censorship, self-censorship, repression or the most recent action by a tyrant to silence dissent.

    In the last month, we’ve seen coverage of the Scottish Hate Crime legislation, the new (and very much not improved) National Security law in Hong Kong, the censoring of Alan Titchmarsh’s jeans in North Korea, the banning of Al-Jazeera in Israel and a least a... more


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