Stumbling across a concert

Photo of outdoor classical concert
11 Jun 2015

As part of a project to build new audiences for orchestral music, Rachel Escott explains her ‘stumbled across’ tactic to bring music to people in everyday places.

A warm welcome to the arts

Photo of artist and printing press
04 Jun 2015

The University of Bath – a university that offers no arts courses – recently launched a new arts venue, but its artists in residence programme has been reaching out to staff, students and the local population for years, says John Struthers.

The need to be noticed

Photo of fingers on a keyboard
27 May 2015

Online sales of art may have grown significantly in the past year, but artists and galleries must work hard to attract a digital audience, warns Eric Sparre.

Less is definitely more

Production shot of Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
07 May 2015

Hannah Mitchell explains how arts organisations can achieve the desired ticket sales through significantly fewer emails.

On the high and low roads

Photo of van on quayside
07 May 2015

Roberta Doyle explains why Scotland’s theatre company ‘without walls’ tours the highlands and islands of Scotland.

The burden of proof

Photo of a child with paint on his face
30 Apr 2015

In true Bertrand Russell style, Chrissie Tiller suggests that we turn the burden of proof on its head – and prove that the arts and culture are of no value to anyone.

The right to make music

Photo of musician testing glove
30 Apr 2015

Carien Meijer describes some recent developments of technology and musical instruments for disabled musicians.

No clear and simple answers

Photo of young people in Baltic Square
09 Apr 2015

Creating a network of ambassadors to promote culture and creativity in schools in the north east of England has been a bigger and more complex job than Ednie Wilson first anticipated.

Return of the customer

Photo of Sadler's Wells exterior
26 Mar 2015

An in-depth project examining Sadler’s Wells’ ‘customer journey’ has resulted in a much more relevant and targeted approach, which should ensure that customers stay happy and, crucially, return. Hannah Mitchell reports.

Fringe requirements

Image of people at symposium
26 Mar 2015

Amy Golding and Kay Hepplewhite report on recent  research to find out what a vibrant fringe theatre scene needs.

Much more than drama appreciation

Image of theatre in education session
25 Mar 2015

Theatre in education has seen many changes since it was first conceived in Coventry fifty years ago. Justine Themen tracks its history from the original aim to develop drama appreciation in schools.

Art’s labour’s lost

Blackboard: Time for Change
20 Mar 2015

Despite decades of investment in audience development and the current enthusiasm for all things data, arts organisations still aren’t getting it, says Michael Nabarro.

Birmingham’s babes

Image of workshop with young children
19 Mar 2015

REP’s Children, a project offering free theatre tickets for babies and their families for ten years, was so successful first time round that it had to be repeated, says Steve Ball.

Inspired through school

Image of children singing on railway platform
18 Mar 2015

Matt Baker explains how young people in the Chester area are being encouraged to get involved with theatre, dance and music, through a programme working closely with schools.

Confronting life’s taboos

Image of performer at Sick! Festival
05 Mar 2015

How nerve-wracking can it be to sell tickets for a festival that confronts issues such as suicide and abuse? Tim Harrison explains why he’s taken on this challenge.

Making everything easy

Photo of an In the Night Garden Live performance
05 Mar 2015

An easy, flexible ticketing system has boosted sales for a family show in an inflatable theatre that itself makes theatre-going an easier experience, explains Libby Penn.

Real modern families on stage

Image of Family Matters performance
02 Mar 2015

Feeling that the tales of real modern families are seldom told in the theatre, Liz O’Neill has developed a performance project with some fearless writers.

Millions of conversations

Image of Macbeth poster
09 Feb 2015

How relevant is outreach marketing in a world of digital communications? Hardish Virk believes there is still a place for talking to people on the street.

Going with the flow

Photo of street performers
28 Jan 2015

Stuart Nicolle shares the latest figures showing just how attractive the arts offer in the four countries of the UK are to those living outside their borders.

Concerts in our living rooms

Image of drummer in living room
12 Jan 2015

New music can be attractive to anyone but it all depends on how we hear about it and then where we first hear it, believes Tania Holland Williams.


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