Much more than drama appreciation

Image of theatre in education session
25 Mar 2015

Theatre in education has seen many changes since it was first conceived in Coventry fifty years ago. Justine Themen tracks its history from the original aim to develop drama appreciation in schools.

Young perceptions

Image of performance of The Magic Paintbrush
12 Mar 2015

Recent research looked into the value young people in a deprived area of London place on education and participation in the arts. Catherine McNamara discusses the findings.

Creative learning in Wales

Image of children creating village scene in the classroom
05 Mar 2015

Nick Capaldi explains the new partnership between the Welsh Government and the Arts Council of Wales which puts arts and creativity at the heart of the school curriculum.

Wales commits to creative education

Photo of school children taking part in a Carnival
03 Mar 2015

The Welsh Government and the Arts Council have joined forces in a national schools initiative that will embed the arts and creativity into the curriculum with a view to driving up educational attainment levels, particularly among disadvantaged students.

Silos must end for the arts to thrive, report concludes

Photo of Vikki Heywood
17 Feb 2015

The final report of the Warwick Commission inquiry finds the future of cultural value as lying in a seamless relationship between the cultural sector and the creative industries, coupled with a focus on enterprise and creativity in schools. 

No special treatment for school music

Photo of a boy playing a recorder
05 Feb 2015

Music will not be prioritised under new-style Ofsted inspections, but school leaders will soon be judged on the breadth and balance of their curriculum, including music provision.

Bottom of the food chain

Image of heron in street
05 Feb 2015

Bev Adams accuses funding assessors of ‘project snobbery’ and favouring venue-based organisations over artists working in the community.

My Gurus

05 Feb 2015

As he prepares to open a new arts and learning centre, Leon Patel reflects on those that have helped and inspired him since the moment he picked up his first tambourine.

Lessons from the past

A young boy with a micro violin
29 Jan 2015

Deborah Bull explains what the cultural enquiry into arts policy and young people learnt by looking back over the last 60 years.

Art won’t look after itself

Photo of a man painting outside
22 Jan 2015

As the Lords debate shines a spotlight on the Government’s support of artists, Susan Jones reviews the current situation.

Getting the play on the stage

Image of performance of Boro’s 37 mins
25 Nov 2014

What does it take to be a playwright in the community? Alan Spence reflects on the highs and lows of writing plays for community groups over the last 25 years.

A future for craft

Photo of screenprinting poster of ‘Our Future is in the Making’
24 Nov 2014

The number of students choosing craft-related subjects is dwindling, research has revealed. Annie Warburton describes the action The Crafts Council is taking to reverse this trend.

New call for craft and enterprise in the curriculum

Photo of teenagers taking place in design workshop
11 Nov 2014

A manifesto for craft education aims to raise the profile of craft-based subjects in schools, where participation has declined by a quarter in five years.

Change as a way of life

Image of dance performance outside offices
29 Oct 2014

Mira Kaushik records the changes that her dance company has made in response to sudden cuts in government funding.

Listen, play and learn

Image of children at Listen Up conference
29 Oct 2014

A recent conference explored the value of music-making with early years and key stage 1 children. Fraser Wilson and Emily Moss describe the event’s discussions and activities.

Job Ladder

Photo of Phil Castang
22 Oct 2014

Phil Castang takes us through the steps of his career in the music world, which landed him at the helm of Bristol Plays Music.

My Gurus

15 Oct 2014

Director of Half Moon Theatre for children and young people, Chris Elwell names those who have inspired him throughout his career.

A dramatic effect

Image of children in masks
06 Oct 2014

At a school in Bradford, a large number of pupils speak little or no English. Sarah Mumford explains how performing arts techniques are being used to improve their language skills.


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