Theatres report drop in schools work

Photo of a puppet
21 Aug 2015

Budget cuts, the introduction of the EBacc and mass academisation of schools has created a “perfect storm” for theatre companies working with young people, sector figures warn.

Call for universities and the arts to work more reciprocally

Sheffield Hallam Art
14 Aug 2015

A new report summarises discussions between academics and cultural practitioners about the nature of their working relationships.

Poorer children more likely to reject the performing arts, report finds

Boy student drama
06 Aug 2015

The proportion of students studying drama, music and dance is consistently lower for children from backgrounds of high deprivation than their more well off peers, according to new figures.

Nicky Morgan defends her attitude to arts education

Photo of Nicky Morgan
17 Jul 2015

Despite upholding the Government’s decision to exclude the arts from the compulsory EBacc, the Education Secretary has said the curriculum “cannot be complete” without the arts.

Looking backwards to look forwards

Photo of the Natural History Museum
16 Jul 2015

What can cultural place-making today learn from Victorian attitudes? Malcolm Quinn reports on a recent conference on the development of Olympicopolis in London’s Olympic Park.

Wales to put arts at the heart of the curriculum

Photo of girl dancing
03 Jul 2015

The expressive arts will be one of six areas of learning and experience that will take the place of traditional subjects as Wales approves a radical overhaul of its curriculum for primary and secondary schools.

Heading towards the EBacc

Teacher Student Table
02 Jul 2015

Arts professionals may be unanimous about the value of the arts in the curriculum, but what do schools think? Christy Romer spoke to four headteachers who gave a range of verdicts on controversial proposals to introduce a compulsory suite of qualifications for GCSE students that excludes arts subjects.

Scotland makes plans to grow creative industries

Photo of a man on stilts
26 Jun 2015

43,000 new workers will be needed to support Scotland’s creative industries over the next ten years, according to a new report identifying key issues facing the sector.

Peers demand greater protection for creative industries

Photo of parliament
26 Jun 2015

A debate in the House of Lords about the health of the creative industries was both a celebration and a call to action, with Baroness Kidron fighting to prevent the next generation from becoming a “pale, posh shadow of the current one”.

Getting granny into Gormley

Photo of man in front of painting
25 Jun 2015

Is it worth explaining conceptual contemporary art to ‘old age’ pensioners? Anna Goulding’s research suggests it might be.

Education for a changing world

Photo of the Titanic Belfast building
25 Jun 2015

Undervaluing the arts will leave young people playing catch-up in a world where creative innovation will be the most highly valued skill, says Pol MacCaba.

Funding commitment to boost arts in education

Photo of an orchestra playing in a car park
22 Jun 2015

Paul Hamlyn Foundation is strengthening its funding for arts education with new channels of support for projects that increase access and build a love for the arts.

The arts effect

Photo of young people dancing
18 Jun 2015

Do arts projects in schools boost pupils’ health and wellbeing? Ros McLellan finds the current evidence positive, but says more persuasive research is needed.

From words into action

Photo of people at event
18 Jun 2015

The Warwick Commission report may have sparked a useful debate, but how can its recommendations be acted upon locally, asks Chris Bilton.

Guilty secrets

Photo of a volcano
15 Jun 2015

As the Government prepares to make the English Baccalaureate compulsory in the GCSE curriculum – with arts subjects victims of the “trade-off” – Liz Hill comes clean about her own inadequate education.

Schools Minister makes “no apology” for sidelining the arts

Photo of man with head in his hands in classroom
12 Jun 2015

Nick Gibb has confirmed that the English Baccalaureate’s core subjects will be compulsory at GCSE, but arts subjects, Esperanto and den building will be excluded.

Advocates for cultural education

Photo of SLiCE fellows
04 Jun 2015

Teachers in the north west of England are making notable inroads as advocates for the arts in schools. Jude Bird describes the SLiCE programme.

Scientists get behind call for better arts education

Photo of a child finger painting
14 May 2015

The Creative Industries Federation and Institution of Civil Engineers are calling on the Government to better support cultural and creative learning in the UK.

Adventurists, empathists and diligents

Photo of children lying on floor
07 May 2015

Research shows that recruiting the right type of creative professional can be critical for the success of a schools project, explains Paul Collard.

Partnership project to improve cultural education in London

Photo of a girl standing in front of a graffiti wall
24 Apr 2015

Almost £1m is being directed towards partnership initiatives that will generate new sources of funding linked to improved cultural education outcomes for young people.


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