Charitable giving falls and the arts are the least popular cause

19 Nov 2012

Report finds only 1% of donors give money to the arts.

ACE lobbies for arts in the EBacc

19 Nov 2012

Chair Liz Forgan puts forward economic arguments to convince the Government to rethink its current proposals.

New ACE fund to support pop musicians

16 Nov 2012

Small grants will help break down financial barriers to commercial progress.

New proposals to nurture producer-artist links

16 Nov 2012

Creative Scotland have been advised a new model to help individual artists work with producers.

Attendance up, but support for funding down in Northern Ireland

Belfast Castle, Northern Ireland
12 Nov 2012

Survey finds youth are most engaged with arts scene.

London Mayor weighs in on sculpture sale

Boris Johnson
12 Nov 2012

Boris Johnson speaks out against sale of public art.

Artists squeezed out as funding belt tightens

12 Nov 2012

Funding agreements should do more to recognise the need for proper investment in artists, say membership bodies.


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