Regional Cultural Consortia aim to champion the whole spectrum of culture and creative interests in each region, including tourism and sport; forge links across this spectrum; and create a common vision expressed in a Regional Cultural Strategy


Regional Cultural Consortia should:

? Provide a single voice to promote and speak for all the cultural sectors in the region.

? Advise and inform central government, national Lottery distributors, local government and regional bodies such as the Regional Development Agency.

? Draw up a cultural strategy for the region with a common focus, drawing together the main threads and identifying priorities for the region.This strategy should feed into and draw from national priorities, the regional strategies and local plans.

Expected outcomes

? Quality of life: By championing all the cultural and creative interests in the region and developing a common strategy, the Consortia will help release their potential for improving the quality of life in the regions.

? Strength in a holistic approach:The many cultural and creative interests in each region should benefit from having the means to produce a common vision and speak with one voice.

? Better cultural services and activities: the proof of the value of the Consortia will ultimately rest on there being better cultural services and activities for all.