Every tenner helps

Photo of Terry Jones with megaphone
08 Sep 2016

Red Ladder’s #GisATenner campaign appealed to the company’s Twitter followers to donate as little as £10 to help save the company following funding cuts. Chris Lloyd reveals what happened next.

Quayside development plans progress for Live Theatre

Photo of the Quayside
18 Aug 2016

The theatre’s business model bears fruit, as a local tech company signs a rental agreement that will deliver an ongoing revenue stream for its artistic and education work. 

Philanthropists give £125k to improve ladies’ loos in theatres

Photo of sign to toilets
17 Aug 2016

The new ‘Spend a Penny’ fund has been launched by the Theatres Trust with support from Susan and Simon Ruddick.

If I were 22: Laura-Jane Foley

Photo of Laura-Jane Foley
28 Jul 2016

Enjoy your successes and brush away your losses, playwright and art historian Laura-Jane Foley tells 22 year olds.

A capable band of women

Photo of woman setting camera
07 Jul 2016

Astounded by the sexist remarks she received while touring a theatre production with an all-female crew, Sarah Brown tries to make sense of it.

What makes a leader?

Painting of people pointing with arrows
06 Jul 2016

After two years observing leadership styles across the Ambassador Theatre Group, graduate trainees Rachel Lane and Jamie Budgett discuss their vision of a good leader.

Nicola Thorold dies aged 51

29 Jun 2016

Executive Producer at The Roundhouse, Co-Director of World Stages London and co-founder of What Next?, Nicola Thorold has died of cancer shortly after receiving an OBE for services to the arts.

Job Ladder – Robert O’Dowd

Photo of Robert O’Dowd
16 Jun 2016

From Topshop to Rose Theatre Kingston, Chief Executive Robert O’Dowd takes us through the steps of his career. 

A voice for the future

Photo of people with certificates
15 Jun 2016

Tired of seeing British East Asian actors being given underwritten, stereotyped roles, Kumiko Mendl decided to do something about it.

If I were 22: Leo Kay

Photo of Leo Kay
15 Jun 2016

Do not be seduced by beautiful lies, theatremaker Leo Kay tells 22 year olds.

My year as a Stage One apprentice

Production shot of Aladdin
06 Jun 2016

Nathan Brine’s year at Colchester’s Mercury Theatre as a Stage One apprentice was so much more than being a glorified tea-person.

How to... direct yourself on stage

06 Jun 2016

Self-confessed control freak Neal Foster shares his tips for writing, directing and performing your own work.

If I were 22: Tanika Gupta

Photo of Tanika Gupta
03 Jun 2016

Get out there and treat critics like a dog treats lamp posts: playwright Tanika Gupta gives advice for 22 year olds.

Scottish children to see one live theatre production every year

Photo of Laurie Sansom, Paul Fitzpatrick and children
03 Jun 2016

A new pilot scheme led by Imaginate and National Theatre Scotland will bring live performances to 15,000 schoolchildren this autumn.

A new life for historic theatres

Brighton Hippodrome during redevelopment
24 May 2016

Rebecca Morland shares step-by-step advice for groups looking to save historic theatre buildings from decay, demolition or closure.

How to… find your muse

Photo of Conor Lovett
19 May 2016

Director Judy Hegarty has been working for 20 years, and keeps returning to the writer Samuel Beckett. How can you find a similar source of inspiration?

Guide offers blueprint for dementia friendly performances

Photo of a dementia Friendly Performance
18 May 2016

Two years after hosting its first dementia friendly performance, West Yorkshire Playhouse has released a best-practice guide to putting on similar shows.

Theatre 2016 conference under fire over inaccessibility

Photo of speakers at the conference
18 May 2016

Bon Culture has apologised after physical access issues and high ticket costs prompted anger at its conference last week. 


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