How to... Create theatre for deaf and hearing audiences

Photo of a performance
24 Mar 2016

Make full use of the senses – even those you don't have: Deafinitely Theatre’s Paula Garfield explains how to create theatre for deaf and hearing audiences.

Finding new voices

Photo of young performers
24 Mar 2016

Not many know that Oxford has some of the worst rates of child literacy in the country. Louise Chantal describes how a playwriting programmes is making a difference. 

Wider remit for Theatres Trust in Wales

Photo of the theatre building
24 Mar 2016

The Theatres Trust is to take on an expanded role in protecting theatre buildings in Wales through the planning system. 

A thirst for diversity

Photo of production of Macbeth
22 Mar 2016

Frustrated by a shortage of touring opportunities for black and Asian theatre, Jatinder Verma and Jonathan Kennedy made it their mission to change the hearts and minds of artistic directors and inspire audiences across the country.

A home for theatre

10 Mar 2016

Mhora Samuel responds to Angus MacKechnie’s call for theatres to be shared with the communities that surround them.

How to... plan a theatre tour

Production shot of The Birthday Party
08 Mar 2016

London Classic Theatre’s Michael Cabot shares his tips for those hoping to hit the road.

Review to inform the future of theatre funding

Photo of the empty stage at the Crucible during a performance
04 Mar 2016

Arts Council England is asking theatre professionals to share their opinions on the opportunities and challenges facing theatre in their area.

A mixed bunch

Photo of actor shouting with audience
03 Mar 2016

Realising that its audience members were all in ‘a stage of transition’ was a revolutionary moment for Jabberwocky Market. Caroline Pearce explains why.

An immersive experience

Photo of rehearsal of Romeo and Juliet
01 Mar 2016

At The Watermill Theatre, the cast lives on site – alongside ducks and chickens – for the whole production process. New Artistic Director Paul Hart reveals the effect on the company. 

Life after regular funding

Photo of a performance
25 Feb 2016

Audiences and rural promoters are the life-blood of Northumberland Theatre Company. Gillian Hambleton reveals how the company harnessed that loyalty to keep the company going through hard times.

Job ladder – Eleanor Lang

Photo of Eleanor Lang
15 Feb 2016

Eleanor Lang tells us about the twists and turns that have led her to become the new Executive Director of Cheek by Jowl.

Cash support for emerging companies

Photo of New Diorama Theatre
12 Feb 2016

Financial support forms part of a new series of sector-led schemes aimed at breaking down major barriers to young theatre companies being able to showcase their work. 

A match made in Sheffield

Photo of audience and players at snooker championships
11 Feb 2016

Every year, 40,000 people are drawn to Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre for an event that is neither a play nor a musical. Bookey Oshin reports on an unusual partnership. 

Live to digital

Photo of screening of Antigone
11 Feb 2016

When Pilot Theatre first livestreamed a theatre production eight years ago, it did not foresee this leading to a significant new income stream, says Marcus Romer.

One coin, two sides

Photo of two actors on stage
04 Feb 2016

For small arts companies, it’s a fiercely competitive time to be applying for funding from trusts and foundations. Annie Rigby and Natalie Querol share their very different experiences. 

How to… start a theatre company

Photo of directors in rehearsal
28 Jan 2016

Remember Dolly Parton’s work ethic and surround yourself with love: Bryony Shanahan – from the team behind ‘Bitch Boxer’ – shares her top tips for starting a theatre company.

Filling the gap

Photo of Manchester Ship Canal
21 Jan 2016

Despite a thriving theatre scene, Arthur Stafford couldn’t help but feel Manchester’s playwrights weren’t receiving the support they needed. So he set about changing things.

Taking back control

Photo of the arts centre where AE is based
20 Jan 2016

After moving to a new box office system, an Atlanta theatre secured nearly three times more in donations in the last half of 2015 than its 2014 total. Libby Penn shares the story.

If I were 22: Jennifer Jackson

Photo of Jennifer Jackson
15 Jan 2016

Meet as many people as you can, and put your self-esteem in your own hands, not the hands of others: advice from Jennifer Jackson for young professionals.


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