Never too old

Photo of three people rehearsing
08 Oct 2015

When Jim Mulligan joined Spare Tyre's workshops for older people, little did he know that he would go on to write four plays for the company and become a trustee.

If I were 22 - Alan Lane

Photo of Alan Lane
07 Oct 2015

Slung Low’s irreverent artistic director, Alan Lane, offers up some practical advice for the newly emerging professional.

If I were 22 - Tom Bellerby

Photo of Tom Bellerby
05 Oct 2015

Tom Bellerby takes a moment out of his day as Youth Theatre Director at Hull Truck Theatre to share the advice he would give to his younger self.

Serving which community?

Photo of Everyamn theatre
28 Sep 2015

Do theatres really believe their own soundbites about being community-led, open and accessible buildings, asks David Sedgwick.

The snapshot – Susan Whiddington

Photo of Susan Whiddington
22 Sep 2015

What’s it like to run a theatre education charity? Susan Whiddington gives a peek into her life as Director of Mousetrap Theatre Projects.

My Gurus – Chris Haydon

Photo of Chris Haydon
17 Sep 2015

Gate Theatre’s Chris Haydon pays tribute to those who have mentored and inspired him throughout his career. 

Building a stronger case for support

Photo of a performance of Tiny Treasures
03 Sep 2015

Do potential donors really understand the value of small-scale touring theatre? Joanna Ridout considers how the sector might better articulate its value.

My Gurus – Sita McIntosh

Photo of Sita McIntosh
02 Sep 2015

After landing her dream job at WhatsOnStage, Sita McIntosh reflects on who has inspired her career in theatre. 

Theatres report drop in schools work

Photo of a puppet
21 Aug 2015

Budget cuts, the introduction of the EBacc and mass academisation of schools has created a “perfect storm” for theatre companies working with young people, sector figures warn.

Creative access

Photo of Circus Starr technology
22 Jul 2015

Digital technologies offer the arts the opportunity, not only to improve access, but to enhance the experience of all audience members. Paul Glinkowski highlights some projects that are doing just that.

Child power

Production shot from The Boy who became a Beetle
21 Jul 2015

For a recent production, Little Earthquake passed the reins over to 100 primary school children. Philip Holyman describes the events as they unfolded.

My Gurus – Kate Denby

Photo of Kate Denby
16 Jul 2015

The new Executive Director of Northern Stage, Kate Denby, reflects on those who have guided and inspired her career.

Playing with form

Photo of scene from The Solid Life of Sugar Water
16 Jul 2015

To make theatre truly accessible, elements such as captioning and audio description must have their own artistic stamp, says Amit Sharma.

ACE launches The Regional Touring Network with £800k grant

14 Jul 2015

Nine regional venues are involved in a three-year project that aims to deliver a legacy of sustainable theatre touring.

Doing it their way

Photo of harlequin in dressing room
09 Jul 2015

Are female theatre directors in the UK successful because they followed the linear, patriarchal route – or did they do it their own way, asks Amy Golding.

Job Ladder – Sheena Wrigley

Photo of Sheena Wrigley
25 Jun 2015

As she joins Manchester’s HOME, Sheena Wrigley looks back over the course of her career. 

There is more that unites us than divides us

Photo of Nwando Ebizie performing
25 Jun 2015

What are the ‘choke points’ preventing culturally diverse artists from succeeding and should we stop talking about ‘diversity’? These issues and more were discussed at nitroBEAT’s ‘D’ Word event. Diane Morgan summarises. 

My Gurus – Natalie Querol

Photo of Natalie Querol
17 Jun 2015

Director of The Empty Space, Natalie Querol, tells us about the people who inspire her work, supporting artists in the North East.

A real role in rehearsals

Photo of rehearsal
11 Jun 2015

Fifteen members of the public invited to take part in the rehearsal of a playlet will be actively involved in the direction, choreography and lighting. Emma Smith discusses what she hopes it will achieve.


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