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Arts numpty? Or sector swot? Test your team's knowledge with ArtsProfessional's light-hearted look at the year's news... 

What links Ben Nevis with the Chief Executive of Creative Scotland? And which arts sector figure's name is an anagram of  'nearly red hen'? Pit your wits against our end of year quiz to see how well you've been following 2019's cultural sector news.

Round 1: Where it’s at

1.   Name the artist whose work was put up for auction at Sotheby's - despite a dispute about ownership. (For an extra point, name the Rodin-inspired work)


2.   Which cultural venue was the UK's most visited tourist attraction in 2018?


3.   In a survey of the UK's 100 top most-visited attractions, which museum topped the list as the UK's most accessible visitor attraction?


4.   Which English town recently held the first (and posthumous) exhibition of the artist dubbed ‘the secret Lowry’? For an extra point, can you also name the artist?

A painting by 'the secret Lowry'

5.   What did Hull train station do to try and reduce anti-social behaviour?

a.   Permit busking
b.   Create a graffiti wall
c.   Play classical music
d.   Hold dance classes


Round 2: Brain teasers

6.   What links...

  • BALTIC's Director  
  • Ben Nevis
  • The Chief Executive of Creative Scotland?



7.   What links...

  • Foxes
  • A former Culture Secretary
  • A museum director who expressed a lack of interest in providing space for prayer?



8.   These four people all occupied powerful positions in the arts in 2019. Solve the anagrams to find out who they are (1 point each)


9.   For how many days was Jeremy Wright Culture Secretary?

a. 280
b. 380
c. 480


© Wikicommons / CC BY 3.0

Round 3: Money, money, money

10.   Which funding body promised money to organisations it previously judged ‘unfundable’?


11.   According to Arts Council England (ACE) figures, organisations led by which protected characteristic group were most likely to be offered funding from National Lottery Project Grants in 2018/19?

a.   BAME applicants
b.   People with disabilities
c.   LGBT applicants
d.   Women


12.   And organisations led by which group were least likely to be offered funding from the same programme?

a.   BAME applicants
b.   People with disabilities
c.   LGBT applicants
d.   Women


13.   Which funder told applicants to resubmit their funding bids, including more pay for themselves?

a.   NESTA
b.   Jerwood Arts
c.   Paul Hamlyn Foundation
d.   Creative Scotland


Round 4: Pictures

14.   Which British artist is the only person not allowed to use this paint?



15.   Who is this? And why is she in a GP’s surgery in Pocklington, East Yorkshire? (1 point for each question)

© The National Gallery, London

16.   Name the Nick... (1 point each)


Round 5: Say what?

17.    What word caused a row over its use in Arts Council England’s draft strategy?

a.   Art
b.   Council
c.   England
d.   Culture
e.   Diversity


18.   Who commented that "institutions that have historically not given a shit are saying ‘we’re going to start caring’".


19.   Fill in the missing word: “Rooftop beach hut is …………………, not art’

a.   decadence
b.   public menace
c.   accommodation
d.   distraction


20.   Why has Tate Modern been in dispute with its wealthy neighbours?

a.   Noise from the gallery’s heating system
b.   Visitors leaving litter
c.   Price reductions for local residents
d.   Voyeurs on the gallery’s roof terrace


Tate Modern. Photo: Dimitry B on Visualhunt.com / CC BY

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