Science in the spotlight

10 Oct 2011

Artichoke is driving forward international debate about the scientific and aesthetic aspects of light. Nicky Webb explains how.

Good chemistry

10 Oct 2011

Dr Frank Burnet argues that arts festivals are the best place to showcase the interface between science and performance

Festivals are the pride of Edinburgh

23 May 2011

New research endorses the value of Edinburgh’s festivals to the local and national economy

Building blocks

28 Feb 2011

Faith Liddell explains how collaborating has helped Edinburgh’s festivals to join together into something bigger than the sum of its parts

Greener, cheaper, better

11 Oct 2010

A year since the 10:10 campaign was launched, Julie’s Bicycle looks at ways in which the cultural industry is coping with carbon reduction

Bangers and cash

26 Aug 2010

Edinburgh’s festivals mark their most successful year to date, but face a funding crisis as public and corporate support comes under threat


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