Exporting the arts

Image of Menage a Trois
15 Jul 2013

Mark Fisher charts the global success of ‘Made in Scotland’, the programme which showcases dance and theatre companies at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Resetting the Stage: Public theatre between the market and democracy

11 Apr 2013

Christopher Maughan values this reflection on the dichotomy between commercial and public theatre.

Agents behaving reasonably?

Photo of young people at Towersey Festival
07 Mar 2013

2012 was a tricky year for the UK’s many music festivals but Steve Heap reports on how they are determined to ride out the storm, with the understanding of the artists and their agents.

Exploring the festival model

Photo of 'Tree of light' celebration
07 Feb 2013

The British Arts Festivals Association’s Capacity to Endure conference last year focussed on how festivals should be valued as an integral and sustainable part of society.

State of play

Pages from State of Play report
24 Oct 2012

Tina Mermiri examines recent research to discover what the arts – and its sponsors – can learn from their audiences

Job ladder

30 Apr 2012

Maggie Clarke tracks the progression of her career

Illuminating conversations

09 Apr 2012

Nicky Webb describes the birth, development and culmination of a European collaboration that has led to dialogue and exchange between artists, curators, programmers and producers

A fine balancing act

21 Nov 2011

Outdoor arts have risen in profile over the past ten years. Bill Gee examines the position of the sector in relation to the current economic climate and the countdown to 2012

No more excuses

31 Oct 2011

The rationale for making environmental sustainability a strategic priority, and the resources to help do it, are all available now. It’s time to take action, says Sholeh Johnson

Leading by example

31 Oct 2011

Ben Twist examines the impact that Edinburgh’s Festivals are having on the attitudes and behaviour of its audiences and its artists

Science in the spotlight

10 Oct 2011

Artichoke is driving forward international debate about the scientific and aesthetic aspects of light. Nicky Webb explains how.

Good chemistry

10 Oct 2011

Dr Frank Burnet argues that arts festivals are the best place to showcase the interface between science and performance

Festivals are the pride of Edinburgh

23 May 2011

New research endorses the value of Edinburgh’s festivals to the local and national economy

Building blocks

28 Feb 2011

Faith Liddell explains how collaborating has helped Edinburgh’s festivals to join together into something bigger than the sum of its parts

Greener, cheaper, better

11 Oct 2010

A year since the 10:10 campaign was launched, Julie’s Bicycle looks at ways in which the cultural industry is coping with carbon reduction


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