Career guide: Arts fundraising

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28 Jan 2016

What kind of person makes a good fundraiser? Amanda Rigali answers your questions and reveals why it’s never been a better time to enter the field. 

The year ahead

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26 Jan 2016

What will the next 12 months bring for the arts and cultural sector? The Audience Agency team share their predictions for what lies ahead.

Taking back control

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20 Jan 2016

After moving to a new box office system, an Atlanta theatre secured nearly three times more in donations in the last half of 2015 than its 2014 total. Libby Penn shares the story.

Facing up to failure

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19 Jan 2016

Are fundraisers too scared to take risks? Michelle Wright examines the issue and asks three arts fundraisers what they’ve learnt from their own failures. 

Getting more from trusts and foundations

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11 Jan 2016

How can small arts organisations fundraise more efficiently? Joanna Ridout shares her tips for attracting greater investment whilst filling in fewer forms. 

Nurturing a new generation

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06 Jan 2016

Wendy Gadian explains why finding the right funder was key to helping the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama support emerging musical directors.

Back to basics

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04 Jan 2016

Fundraising experts Adam Lopardo and Ellie Turner share their dos and don’ts of applying for funding from trusts and foundations.

Success home and away

Photo of orchestra on stage in China
10 Dec 2015

David Curtis reveals how the Orchestra of the Swan has secured funding from trusts based as far afield as New York.

A strong application

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10 Dec 2015

Do trusts and foundations really favour some organisations over others? Sarah Miller explains what can move the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation to offer repeat funding.

When times are tough

Photo of outdoor arts performance
10 Dec 2015

With a fundraising target of £18m for Hull 2017, James Trowsdale knows how to present a project application that stands out from the competition. He shares his tips.

If at first you don’t succeed…

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10 Dec 2015

The National Theatre isn’t shy about re-approaching a foundation that has previously turned it down. Emily Horn and Bryony Mills explain why.

Competing against the rest

Photo of exterior of Sheffield Crucible
10 Dec 2015

Deborah Larwood reveals how Sheffield Theatres secured foundation funding for an access project and shares her top fundraising tips.

Managing the money

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03 Dec 2015

Do you regularly find your head pickled by the financial rules and regulations pertaining to fundraising? Accountant Pete O’Hara is on hand to steer you safely around the pitfalls.

Who would want to be an arts fundraiser?

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26 Nov 2015

They raise the money organisations need to make great art, but who are they really? And what drives them to do what they do? Amanda Rigali meets three Arts Fundraising Fellows to find out.

Ethical fundraising

Photo of a call centre
26 Nov 2015

Poor fundraising tactics have brought shame on the sector, says Michelle Wright. Change is needed, but is a new regulator really the way to go?

Lighting up London

Photo of Durham Lumiere 2015
18 Nov 2015

Artichoke’s Lumiere light festival is hugely reliant on sponsorship. As it prepares to come to London for the first time, Sarah Coop describes the unique challenge of securing support in a new city. 

Photodiary: A week with Michaela Nutt

Photo of Michaela Nutt with NTW logo
02 Nov 2015

You might know what a development associate’s job description includes, but what does a week in their life actually look like? Michaela Nutt reveals all.

Mixed success for Catalyst as scheme is scaled back

30 Oct 2015

Just £26m will be available to support fundraising in the arts over the next three years, down from £70m in 2012-15. 

Fund with philanthropy in mind, says think tank

Audience smiling
30 Oct 2015

Smarter funding decisions and help for the arts sector to evidence its impact are needed to boost philanthropy, according to a paper by NPC.


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