Project to promote academic/practitioner links

Photo of two women comparing notes
25 Jan 2016

Higher education institutions will be working with artists and micro creative enterprises in an attempt to improve the flow of information and expertise between the two sectors.

Research to examine barriers facing disabled arts employees

Photo of audience watching a film of a disabled dancer underwater
22 Jan 2016

The causes of under-representation of disabled people in the arts and cultural sector workforce will be examined by a research project hoping to achieve greater access to opportunities.

Digital gap between NPOs and sector widening

Photo of someone taking a picture with a smartphone
18 Dec 2015

Arts organisations are continuing to embrace digital technology, but not all at the same rate and a cautious approach is emerging, according to a recent survey.

A cautious approach

Photo of man and screen
17 Dec 2015

The arts sector still has enthusiasm for digital technology but some are now taking a more cautious approach, according to a recent survey. Sam Mitchell discusses the findings.

Engagement grows through Creative People and Places programme

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11 Dec 2015

An interim evaluation of the programme finds progress despite challenges and points to the need for new thinking on arts infrastructure in areas of low arts engagement.

Pay artists fairly to unlock potential of creative industries, report says

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04 Dec 2015

An international study says the ‘moral and economic rights’ of artists must be protected if they are to sustain their creative activity and fuel the economy.

Research leads to evaluation framework for arts and health

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23 Nov 2015

Advice and resources to help arts and health professionals conduct more robust and credible evaluations of their work are being made more widely available through a new website.

Academic benefits of the arts remain unproven

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20 Nov 2015

Teach the arts for their intrinsic value, says the Head of The Education Endowment Foundation. 

Culture associated with ‘happiness’, DCMS analysis reveals

Photo of woman at an outdoor concert
12 Nov 2015

Those who attend the arts report significantly higher levels of happiness than those who don’t, but the opposite is true for those who visit libraries.

Growth for regional theatres as ticket prices rise

Photo of people queuing for Wicked tickets
04 Nov 2015

More theatre goers enjoyed a greater choice of productions in 2014, according to the first comprehensive analysis of sales data from UK Theatre venues.

The partnerships puff

Infinity Loop
29 Oct 2015

Where does our growing drive to work in partnership come from? And is it anything more than a way of sweetening the bitter pill of funding cuts? Dr James Doeser shares his thoughts.

Researchers quantify the intrinsic value of culture

Photo of exhibition at Tate Liverpool
16 Oct 2015

Economic valuation techniques could be key to proving the value of the arts and unlocking more funding, researchers suggest. 

Partnerships a mixed blessing, research finds

Hands partnership
16 Oct 2015

The wider benefits of partnership-working in the cultural sector could be undervalued if the effectiveness of this approach is judged in purely economic terms, according to a new study.

Arts ‘quality principles’ boost engagement with young people

Photo of toddler under a sheet
15 Oct 2015

Guidelines for gathering feedback from children and young people are helping arts organisations to improve their programmes.

Arts Council to map England’s theatre landscape

Emergency Exit Arts
02 Oct 2015

The Theatre in England research will report on the theatre ecology across the commercial and not-for-profit sectors in preparation for Arts Council England’s 2018 funding round.

Social capital in practice

Photo of beach at De La Warr Pavilion
10 Sep 2015

Has East Sussex County Council achieved the unachievable? Sally Staples reveals how, through a social capital study of De La Warr Pavilion, it unearthed a way to describe the intangible value culture.

Survey casts new light on arts engagement

Photo of people in gallery
04 Sep 2015

As new figures reveal more details of arts attendance patterns in England, the DCMS has placed the future of its ‘Taking Part’ survey under review.

Researchers cast doubt on impact of match funding on donations

Photo of stacks of coins
27 Aug 2015

A new report by academic researchers finds no evidence that match giving will increase donations to crowd funding campaigns.


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