Survey casts new light on arts engagement

Photo of people in gallery
04 Sep 2015

As new figures reveal more details of arts attendance patterns in England, the DCMS has placed the future of its ‘Taking Part’ survey under review.

Researchers cast doubt on impact of match funding on donations

Photo of stacks of coins
27 Aug 2015

A new report by academic researchers finds no evidence that match giving will increase donations to crowd funding campaigns.

Call for universities and the arts to work more reciprocally

Sheffield Hallam Art
14 Aug 2015

A new report summarises discussions between academics and cultural practitioners about the nature of their working relationships.

Study finds bleak fundraising prospects for outdoor arts

Emergency Exit Arts
07 Aug 2015

An honest assessment of the fundraising challenges facing outdoor arts organisations delivers a cautionary tale about the potential value of philanthropy.

Galleries boost local culture and economy

Photo of a man in a gallery in Birmingham
06 Aug 2015

New research finds that galleries play an important part in their own communities, as well as playing a significant role in the local economy.

Report offers guidance for London boroughs facing further arts cuts

Millenium Bridge night
30 Jul 2015

Ranging from acting as a critical friend to champion of the arts, a report by London Councils offers specific recommendations on how local authorities can fill the gap left by falling funding.

Report highlights divisions between CEOs and Chairs

24 Jul 2015

A study among charity trustees and chief executives has found differing perceptions of the role of the board.

University of Brighton to research ‘Live Cinema’ in the UK

17 Jul 2015

Events which bring together film and live action are becoming increasingly popular, prompting ACE to commission a national study into their impact.

Policies for the people

Photo of girls playing in orchestra
16 Jul 2015

What would our public services look like if we used wellbeing evidence to inform policy-making? There would surely be more room for arts and culture, says Jessica Harris.

Publicly funded arts are “bedrock” of creative industries

Production shot from Les Misérables
15 Jul 2015

A new report highlighting the part subsidised art plays in the UK’s “booming” creative industries has been backed by leading figures from the commercial sector. 

More collaboration needed to safeguard Welsh music services

10 Jul 2015

With Wales set to revamp its education policy and bring the arts to the heart of its school curriculum, an opportunity exists to safeguard and extend Welsh national music service provision.

Report calls for more research into cultural value and inequality

Photo of people in an auditorium
10 Jul 2015

The campaign to boost diversity in the arts is being held back by a lack of research and accurate data, according to a literature review.

Active ageing

Photo of older people dancing
02 Jul 2015

What better place to learn about using the arts to help older people and those with dementia than in Japan, where a quarter of people are over 65. Nick Ponsillo reports on his recent trip.

Getting granny into Gormley

Photo of man in front of painting
25 Jun 2015

Is it worth explaining conceptual contemporary art to ‘old age’ pensioners? Anna Goulding’s research suggests it might be.

Lack of digital skills holding arts workers back

Photo of man pointing at digital button
19 Jun 2015

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills is calling for schools and universities to focus on giving young people a combination of technical and creative skills.

The arts effect

Photo of young people dancing
18 Jun 2015

Do arts projects in schools boost pupils’ health and wellbeing? Ros McLellan finds the current evidence positive, but says more persuasive research is needed.

From words into action

Photo of people at event
18 Jun 2015

The Warwick Commission report may have sparked a useful debate, but how can its recommendations be acted upon locally, asks Chris Bilton.

A badge to show for it

Photo of a badge
18 Jun 2015

An online reward scheme has the potential to inspire children and young people’s interest in arts learning, believes Laurie Garrison.

Cuts prompt new ways of working in local authorities

Child book wizard
05 Jun 2015

Research into the impact of local government cuts on cultural activity has found sports and libraries face heavier cuts than the arts.


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