Book Review: Business is Beautiful: The hard art of standing apart

26 Jun 2013

Hannah Hallam finds that the arts sector is already ‘standing apart’ according to this guide to alternative measures of success in business.

Book review: Take the money and run?

06 Jun 2013

Bethany Rex finds Platform’s guide to the ethics of business sponsorship in the arts provides a good starting point for debate.

Listen Out: International perspectives on music education

11 Apr 2013

Caroline Fentiman finds there is a lot that can be learnt from successful musical education practice from around the world.

Resetting the Stage: Public theatre between the market and democracy

11 Apr 2013

Christopher Maughan values this reflection on the dichotomy between commercial and public theatre.

Signs of Change: New Directions in Theatre Education

07 Mar 2013

Joan Lazarus's invitation to "eavesdrop on voices from the field" of arts education has much to offer UK readers, says Roger Lang.


09 Apr 2012


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