Book review: Persistent Creativity

15 May 2019

Peter Campbell's sceptical critique of the 'creativity agenda' makes for fascinating - if at times uncomfortable - reading, says Andrew Garrad.

Book review: A Restless Art

21 Feb 2019

Lucy Neal welcomes François Matarasso's nuanced and passionate exploration of the growing field of participatory art.

Book review: What Matters?

13 Nov 2018

James Doeser dissects the convictions underpinning Meyrick et al’s contempt for proliferating attempts to measure and quantify the value of the arts. 

Book review: Capital Gains

24 Jan 2018

David Powell reviews Prue Skene’s candid account of her tenure as Chair of Arts Council England’s Lottery panel.

Book review: The Arts Dividend

30 Nov 2016

Jessica Tanghetti finds Darren Henley’s book about why investment in culture pays full of soul and passion but lacking a call to action. 

Book review: The Art of Relevance

25 Aug 2016

Mark Robinson finds Nina Simon’s book essential reading for anyone trying to reach those disengaged from the arts. 

Book review: Arts Integration in Education

24 Jun 2016

Paul Collard finds the book about teaching artists as agents of change comprehensive and useful.

Book Review: A Wider Horizon

06 Aug 2015

How and why do rural touring companies thrive? Sue Robinson reviews the latest contribution from Francois Matarasso, a writer who has been helping her to answer similar questions for 20 years.

Book review: Artwash

04 Jun 2015

Anna B. Sexton reads Mel Evans’ Artwash: Big Oil and the Arts, and says it’s time to change the way we think.

Book Review: The Interpretation Matters Handbook

27 May 2015

Should textual information in galleries be made easier to understand? Jennifer Locke reviews Dany Louise’s contribution to the debate around ‘artspeak’.

Book review: Cultural Capital: the Rise and Fall of Creative Britain

14 Jan 2015

Chris Bailey reviews Robert Hewison’s account of how New Labour’s golden age for the arts turned to lead.

Book review: Your Life in Theatre

05 Nov 2014

For those who are lost, in need of stimulation, guidance or inspiration, Jo Fletcher-Cross recommends Chris Grady’s ‘Your Life In Theatre’.

Book review: Journal of the Plague Year

22 May 2014

Are you up to the challenge? Vicky Prior says there’s much to learn from Max Stafford-Clark’s journal from the years following the cuts.

Book review: 'Reaching Out: Music education with 'hard to reach' children and young people'

08 May 2014

The authors write “with passion and authority”, making this book relevant to a wider readership than the title suggests, finds Julia Ient.

Book review: Art Cities of the Future: 21st Century Avant-Gardes

06 Mar 2014

Cara Courage says ‘Art Cities of the Future’ only scratches the surface of new arts locations, but is still a comprehensive compendium to the new wave.

Book Review: Biennials and Beyond – Exhibitions that made Art History, 1962-2002

30 Jan 2014

Rosie Cooper says ‘Biennials and Beyond’ is a vital book that has landed in a world full of curators.

Book Review: The Audience Experience

05 Dec 2013

'The Audience Experience' is for the academic or researcher but also provides an expanded tool box of approaches to audience insight for arts professionals willing to dig, says Ivan Wadeson.

Book Review: Crowdsourcing for Dummies

17 Jul 2013

Crowdsourcing for Dummies reveals new ways of involving the public in the arts, says Nicole McNeilly.

Book Review: Project Art Works Anthology 1997-2012

03 Jul 2013

Maggie Hampton finds immensely vibrant and powerful art in Project Art Works Anthology.

Gambling on Culture

27 Jun 2013

Liz Hill urges policy makers to read 'Gambling on Culture' before gambling with culture.


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