From closure to creation

Photo of Truro Cathedral concert
10 Sep 2015

Since Cornwall Council closed its schools music service, an independent service has emerged that is no longer at the mercy of politicians, writes Gareth Churcher.

Mission made possible

Photo of Music Mix concert
10 Sep 2015

Partnerships with local authories are crucial to Orchestras Live’s work. Henry Little reveals how they’ve maintained relationships through challenging economic times.

Crescendo in popularity for Scotland’s live music scene

Photo of young people at a gig
04 Sep 2015

The latest figures from the Scottish Household Survey reveal that non-classical music has overtaken theatre as Scotland’s favourite cultural activity. 

Scheme to offer broad-based support for orchestral composers

Photo of the orchestra
19 Aug 2015

RSNO Composers’ Hub will introduce emerging composers to the business context of a major orchestra whilst developing their skills and contacts.

More collaboration needed to safeguard Welsh music services

10 Jul 2015

With Wales set to revamp its education policy and bring the arts to the heart of its school curriculum, an opportunity exists to safeguard and extend Welsh national music service provision.

Job Ladder – Jo Wright

Photo of Jo Wright
02 Jul 2015

Jo Wright tells us about his career, from long-haired rocker to Executive Director of FACT.

Guilty secrets

Photo of a volcano
15 Jun 2015

As the Government prepares to make the English Baccalaureate compulsory in the GCSE curriculum – with arts subjects victims of the “trade-off” – Liz Hill comes clean about her own inadequate education.

Stumbling across a concert

Photo of outdoor classical concert
11 Jun 2015

As part of a project to build new audiences for orchestral music, Rachel Escott explains her ‘stumbled across’ tactic to bring music to people in everyday places.

A warm welcome to the arts

Photo of artist and printing press
04 Jun 2015

The University of Bath – a university that offers no arts courses – recently launched a new arts venue, but its artists in residence programme has been reaching out to staff, students and the local population for years, says John Struthers.

From Manchester to Wuhan

Photo of EIGHT
04 Jun 2015

Debra King and Sarah Perks share their experiences of delivering a multi-artform project as part of the sister-cities celebrations between Wuhan in China and Manchester.

My Gurus – Helen Jamieson

Photo of Helen Jamieson
27 May 2015

Helen Jamieson of Music at Paxton tells us about the people who have guided her to her “perfect” music management job.

Live music sector improves access

Photo of Suzanne Bull MBE
15 May 2015

Music venues and festivals that have signed an accessibility ‘Charter of Best Practice’ have seen an increase in ticket sales to Deaf and disabled fans.

My Gurus - Kate Wareham

07 May 2015

The new Executive Director of the National Orchestra for All, Kate Wareham, names those who inspire her work.

The right to make music

Photo of musician testing glove
30 Apr 2015

Carien Meijer describes some recent developments of technology and musical instruments for disabled musicians.

A story of survival

Photo of Making Music singers
23 Apr 2015

When Making Music learnt that it was no longer a National Portfolio Organisation, it was forced to rethink how it operated. Barbara Eifler describes a difficult six months.

Music Education Hubs struggle to keep up with pupil numbers

Photo of girls singing
10 Apr 2015

Hubs have made “a strong start” but more still needs to be done to boost music provision, particularly for boys and children with special educational needs.

My Gurus

19 Mar 2015

Carien Meijer, Chief Executive of Drake Music, pays tribute to those who inspire her.

‘Grassroots Investor’ to support small music venues

Photo of a violinist and a guitar player
17 Mar 2015

Venues that provide a training ground and experience for up-and-coming musicians are not up to standard and need investment to bring them up to the levels expected by audiences, according to the Music Venue Trust.

Knocking down the barriers

Image of young men dancing
12 Mar 2015

The Scottish Government’s youth arts strategy aims to increase engagement in the arts as well as tackle inequality. Fiona Hyslop outlines how it has evolved.


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