Small children rocking out!

Image of Clunk performers
08 Sep 2014

When Terry O’Donovan presented his latest musical show as a work in progress to five year olds they looked bored. Now it’s a manic and absurd experience for all, just as he wanted it to be.

Job Ladder

Photo of Anthony Sargent
04 Sep 2014

As he prepares to leave Sage Gateshead after 15 years at the helm, Anthony Sargent reflects on his career and the people he’s worked with.

Mental health problems rife among professional musicians

Photo of a violinist
29 Aug 2014

A new report coincides with a Channel 4 documentary, shining a spotlight on the challenges faced by musicians.

Concerns over fees for composers

19 Aug 2014

Commissions fail to provide a living for most composers, who earn on average less than £4k a year for this work.

£18m boost for music education

Photo of young boy playing the violin
22 Jul 2014

Government announces extra funds and ends fears that local authorities will be asked to terminate music services.

My Gurus

02 Jul 2014

Bec Fearon, Head of Engagement at the Bluecoat, Liverpool’s centre for the contemporary arts, reveals the people who have inspired her most throughout her career. 

Leading the singing

Image of Sing with Us choirs
16 Jun 2014

The Sing with Us network of choirs brings together cancer patients and their families from across Wales. Rosie Dow describes her role as manager of the choir leaders.

Shouting in the street

Image of rehearsal with Simon Halsey
05 Jun 2014

A huge vocal work is premiered this weekend in Birmingham, followed by performances in Berlin and London. Stephen Newbould describes how it has come together.

Active sponsorship

Image of a mentoring session
02 Jun 2014

Northern Trust’s employees are actively involved in a community partnership with the RPO, says Naomi Venn.

Book review: 'Reaching Out: Music education with 'hard to reach' children and young people'

08 May 2014

The authors write “with passion and authority”, making this book relevant to a wider readership than the title suggests, finds Julia Ient.

A dream fund

Image of legs
08 May 2014

Mark Hewitt couldn’t believe his luck when he received funding from the Artists’ International Development Fund to collaborate with a foreign musician of his choice.

Music Education Hubs strive for financial sustainability

Photo of children singing
07 May 2014

Hubs are engaging with the majority of schools in their areas, but more needs to be done to reach children from all backgrounds, report finds.

Pressure mounts on councils to cut music education funding

Photo of school children playing instruments
17 Apr 2014

The Department for Education is warning that there should be no money in local authority education budgets for extra-curricular music and arts. 

The music, dance and wellbeing mix

Imageof Epidemic
10 Apr 2014

Many participants in the Old Vic’s community projects now lead healthier and more active lifestyles, according to Alexander Ferris and his team.

Arts and health: commissioning bodies need to be on-side

A virtuous circle demonstrating a 'health pull'
03 Apr 2014

Demonstrating the effectiveness of arts interventions in dementia treatment will be key to unlocking funding, says new report.

Your royalty rights

Image of a guitarist
24 Mar 2014

As a performer, songwriter or producer are you receiving the royalties due to you? Keith Harris reports on the millions PPL collects from the licensing of recorded music in the UK and overseas.

Job Ladder

A photo of Jenny Harris
20 Mar 2014

Jenny Harris, a freelance creative producer, describes her career in music and arts festivals.


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