The music, dance and wellbeing mix

Imageof Epidemic
10 Apr 2014

Many participants in the Old Vic’s community projects now lead healthier and more active lifestyles, according to Alexander Ferris and his team.

Arts and health: commissioning bodies need to be on-side

A virtuous circle demonstrating a 'health pull'
03 Apr 2014

Demonstrating the effectiveness of arts interventions in dementia treatment will be key to unlocking funding, says new report.

Your royalty rights

Image of a guitarist
24 Mar 2014

As a performer, songwriter or producer are you receiving the royalties due to you? Keith Harris reports on the millions PPL collects from the licensing of recorded music in the UK and overseas.

Job Ladder

A photo of Jenny Harris
20 Mar 2014

Jenny Harris, a freelance creative producer, describes her career in music and arts festivals.

Fairer funding for all

Figure on funding distribution
03 Mar 2014

In light of the current debate about ACE's distribution of funding, Carol Reid explains how the regional allocation formula built into Youth Music's grant-making process is leading to a more equitable balance across its portfolio.

Crime, evidence and the arts

Photo of musicians
26 Feb 2014

Jessica Plant and Kate Davey argue that arts interventions in the criminal justice system have demonstrated positive outcomes, but longitudinal research is now needed.

Youth ensembles are active but challenges lie ahead

children playing violins in an orchestra
24 Feb 2014

Young musicians are benefiting from youth ensembles, but concerns are growing over their financial stability and the difficulty of recruiting musicians.

From STEM to STEAM, demands Shadow Minister

14 Feb 2014

MPs and Lords are questioning the ‘discounting’ that devalues GCSE arts subjects in the school league tables.

European Parliament supports new rules for instruments on planes

13 Feb 2014

Airline policies on the transportation of musical instruments could now be brought into line as pan-European regulation comes a step closer.

Funding out of step with In Harmony ambitions

children playing violins
07 Feb 2014

An interim report reveals promising results but an uncertain future for England’s ‘El Sistema’ schools music pilot.

Contemporary music made more popular

Image of sound installation in Huddersfield shopping arcade
27 Jan 2014

Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival has an enviable international reputation but how does it go down with the locals? Sarah McWatt tells of activities and opportunities designed to reverse preconceptions.

Seeing sense

Image of Christmas cartoon
25 Nov 2013

Henry Vann looks back over a busy year since the Government announced its plan to create English Baccalaureate Certificates.

Report shows creative industries are “hotspot” for bullying

21 Nov 2013

Over half of respondents to the ‘Creating Without Conflict’ survey have been bullied, harassed or discriminated against while at work in the entertainment industry.

£10m donation establishes major concert venue in rural Essex

Alan Broadbent conducts students in an orchestra
21 Nov 2013

The school-led arts and education project will spark a world-class artistic programme and a Music Academy for young people.

Mainstreaming equality

Image of Peace Bridge
19 Nov 2013

How has Northern Ireland’s cultural sector responded to equality and community relations since the Good Friday Agreement? Nicole McNeilly finds out.

Survey shows drop in cultural participation across Europe

15 Nov 2013

Northern Europeans have the highest levels of cultural engagement but overall levels of participation and engagement have fallen since 2007.

More music-making

Image of musician and audience
11 Nov 2013

Karen Irwin describes the vital work Live Music Now is doing with children with special needs, and its plans for the future.

Call to recognise the value of arts in reducing re-offending

Individual sits with a mask - theatre in prisons
08 Nov 2013

The Arts Alliance is warning that budget cuts and payment-by-results contracts in the criminal justice system could put some rehabilitation arts services at risk.


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