Music Education Hubs struggle to keep up with pupil numbers

Photo of girls singing
10 Apr 2015

Hubs have made “a strong start” but more still needs to be done to boost music provision, particularly for boys and children with special educational needs.

My Gurus

19 Mar 2015

Carien Meijer, Chief Executive of Drake Music, pays tribute to those who inspire her.

‘Grassroots Investor’ to support small music venues

Photo of a violinist and a guitar player
17 Mar 2015

Venues that provide a training ground and experience for up-and-coming musicians are not up to standard and need investment to bring them up to the levels expected by audiences, according to the Music Venue Trust.

Knocking down the barriers

Image of young men dancing
12 Mar 2015

The Scottish Government’s youth arts strategy aims to increase engagement in the arts as well as tackle inequality. Fiona Hyslop outlines how it has evolved.

Young concert producers

Image of performers at Youth Takeover concert
12 Mar 2015

Orchestras Live invited a group of 16-22 year olds to produce a concert with the City of London Sinfonia. Jan Ford was impressed by their creativity, imagination and enthusiasm.

An energising effect

Image of Harrison Birtwistle and student
12 Mar 2015

Inviting Sir Harrison Birtwistle as composer in residence to a new music festival had the desired effect on the student performers and composers, says Richard Causton.

Property deal to mark a new era for Aldeburgh

An aerial photo of Snape Maltings
05 Mar 2015

Owning the freehold of its site will enable Aldeburgh Music to fulfil Benjamin Britten’s vision for a creative campus while creating a new source of income for its artistic programme. 

Government’s ‘orchestra’ definition too narrow, warns ISM

Photo of a man playing a saxaphone
20 Feb 2015

The benefits of a new tax relief will be restricted to larger orchestras and will exclude instrument-specific ensembles under current proposals.

No special treatment for school music

Photo of a boy playing a recorder
05 Feb 2015

Music will not be prioritised under new-style Ofsted inspections, but school leaders will soon be judged on the breadth and balance of their curriculum, including music provision.

My Gurus

05 Feb 2015

As he prepares to open a new arts and learning centre, Leon Patel reflects on those that have helped and inspired him since the moment he picked up his first tambourine.

Concerts in our living rooms

Image of drummer in living room
12 Jan 2015

New music can be attractive to anyone but it all depends on how we hear about it and then where we first hear it, believes Tania Holland Williams.

Building a business in the black arts

Image of Bass Festival artists
15 Dec 2014

In a week when arts organisations are urged to make a greater commitment to diversity, Ammo Talwar outlines his business model based on a specialist knowledge of the ‘black arts’, organic growth, a degree of risk-taking… and no mention of the D word.

Save our music libraries

Image of pianist in library
03 Nov 2014

Local authority cuts mean that some libraries are no longer lending music scores to amateur groups. Barbara Eifler explains why she is campaigning to restore this valuable service.

Listen, play and learn

Image of children at Listen Up conference
29 Oct 2014

A recent conference explored the value of music-making with early years and key stage 1 children. Fraser Wilson and Emily Moss describe the event’s discussions and activities.

Job Ladder

Photo of Phil Castang
22 Oct 2014

Phil Castang takes us through the steps of his career in the music world, which landed him at the helm of Bristol Plays Music.

Good parenting from prison

Image of storyboard
20 Oct 2014

Nicky Goulder tells how a project combining literacy, music and illustration has brought offenders closer to their young children.

New demographic directions

Image of Grand Union Orchestra
06 Oct 2014

How can the arts respond to the UK’s changing demographic? Tony Haynes calls for greater recognition for the work created for our local, diversely rich communities.

Music education is thriving among the better off

Photo of girl playing piano
17 Sep 2014

The cost of tuition is still a major barrier to children from lower socio-economic groups learning to play an instrument, report concludes.

Syllabus changes will “have a detrimental effect on musicianship”

Photo of a School orchestra
11 Sep 2014

Proposals for a narrower curriculum with less emphasis on performing and composing will pose a threat to creativity in music, say music professionals.


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