Sourcing the solid evidence

Photo of woman with an instrument in hospital
13 Oct 2016

Looking to measure the impact of their work in hospitals, Air Arts found that pre-existing evaluation methods didn’t work. Laura Waters describes their bespoke approach.

Making its mark

Photo of stencil saying One day at a time
20 Jul 2016

At Sussex Recovery College, arts-based courses are boosting students’ creativity and self-esteem. Kate Davey reports on this promising new model.

Collaborative resilience

Photo of two women dancing
14 Jul 2016

Kerry Wilson discusses the complexities and rewards of cross-sector collaborative working and networked cultural leadership in an age of resilience.

Models of practice in arts and commissioning

Photo of cellist performing for patients
30 Jun 2016

From arts on prescription to recovery colleges, there are a range of ways for arts organisations to engage with public service commissioning. Jessica Harris explains exactly how each model works.

Effective outcomes for people and communities

Photo of a girl in the Infinity box
05 May 2016

The benefits of commissioners working with the arts sector have been highlighted by pilot schemes in Kent and Gloucestershire. Jessica Harris shares the details.

BBC to commission live performance projects

Richard Dedominici
29 Apr 2016

A two-year programme will commission 15 performance projects to perform live on BBC Two on Saturday nights.

Report calls for changes to cultural commissioning

Photo of people singing in a choir
28 Apr 2016

Pilot projects in Kent and Gloucestershire have revealed procurement approaches are leaving arts and cultural organisations at a disadvantage, according to NEF. 

A joyful union?

Photo of begging poster
10 Mar 2016

The arts and health may have been officially coupled with the launch of a new evaluation framework, but will they ever be comfortable bedfellows? Frances Williams has her doubts.

Developing a narrative for people, communities and place

Photo of choir rehearsal
03 Mar 2016

How can arts organisations present their offer more effectively to public service commissioners? Five pilot consortia have been working to do just that and Jessica Harris reports on what they’ve learned. 

Prescribing the arts for better health

Photo of Creative Alternatives activity
05 Nov 2015

What are the opportunities for arts organisations interested in delivering ‘on prescription’ schemes? And do they outweigh the challenges? Jessica Harris investigates.

Investment and Contract Readiness Fund pays dividends

Photo of money in plant pots
30 Oct 2015

Giving support to organisations applying for social investment funding or bidding for public service contracts can boost their chances of success, report finds.

Adding years to life – and life to years

Photo of men dancing
17 Sep 2015

When will all commissioners recognise that activities like dancing and singing help maintain older people’s quality of life and independence, asks Jessica Harris.

Repositioning a service

Photo of Infinity Box at Turner Contemporary
10 Sep 2015

Tony Witton reports on the changes Kent County Council’s arts and culture service has made since asked to find new ways to pay for itself.

Policies for the people

Photo of girls playing in orchestra
16 Jul 2015

What would our public services look like if we used wellbeing evidence to inform policy-making? There would surely be more room for arts and culture, says Jessica Harris.

Who are the commissioners?

Photo of people in meeting
30 Apr 2015

Linden Rowley explores who the commissioners of public services are, where to find them and how arts and cultural organisations can best talk to them.

A commissioner’s views on priorities and opportunities

Photo of a session of the Dance for Parkinson’s project
19 Mar 2015

Linden Rowley interviews Christian Markandu about the priorities for his commissioning service and the opportunities for arts and cultural organisations of all sizes.

Demonstrating impact

Photo of a photo book produced by the Old Memories project
14 Jan 2015

A number of challenges face arts and cultural organisations trying to show their impact on public service outcomes. Jessica Harris examines the types of evidence that commissioners want and looks at ways in which arts and cultural organisations have risen to the challenge of providing it.

Getting to grips with commissioning

Photo of a workshop
14 Nov 2014

In a new series exploring opportunities for arts organisations, museums and library services to engage in public service commissioning, Jessica Harris explains the importance of understanding the outcomes commissioners are looking for.

Cultural commissioning potential is unfulfilled, says report

Photo of a girl drumming
06 Jun 2014

The arts sector and the public are both missing out due to a communication gap between cultural organisations and local government and health commissioners. 

Survey to kick-start the Cultural Commissioning Programme

16 Sep 2013

A new survey is giving cultural sector organisations a chance to share their experiences of involvement in the delivery of public services. 


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