Scotland faces dance challenges

Scottish Dance
12 Nov 2012

Amateur dance is thriving but skills shortages and lack of scope for career development are holding back the professional sector.

Scottish petition is the latest in drive for fair pay in the arts

12 Nov 2012

Creative unions are seeking support for regulating pay rates.

Scottish Government protects cultural sector in budget designed for growth

Scottish Parliament
26 Sep 2012

Scotland's draft budget for 2013-14 continues to invest in the cultural sector to 'support economic growth'

Backs to the wall at Creative Scotland

24 Sep 2012

Pressure from Government, unrest in the arts sector and negative media coverage has put Creative Scotland on the spot.

What I Wrote to a Parliamentary Committee

20 Sep 2012

Artist Matt Baker on misinterpretations of his contribution to a parliamentary review of Creative Scotland.

Room for improvement in Scotland’s theatre sector

23 Jul 2012

Review finds that artistic strengths are counterbalanced by some structural weaknesses in Scottish theatre

Grant shake-up for Scotland

21 May 2012

New funding framework sees key organisations moved into project funding

Scotland’s galleries pull together

09 Apr 2012

A National Development Body will lead on the development and facilitation of new partnerships between museums and galleries in Scotland

Strength in numbers

06 Feb 2012

Scotland has more in common with Philadelphia than we might think. Pamela Bailey shares the fruits of US-style collaboration


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