Far-right party wants list of migrant artists

27 Jun 2019

State theatre companies in Germany are reluctantly fulfilling a request from the right wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party to disclose the nationalities of their artists. The party's Deputy Leader Ranier Balzer said the question aimed to create "a realistic inventory of the status quo and an assessment of the quality of their own young artists in international comparison".

Education Secretary rejects claim of arts squeeze

27 Jun 2019

Damian Hinds has said that "the creative arts are happening at a large scale in our schools" in response to Labour MP Thelma Walker's claim that a "culture of targets and testing" is squeezing creative arts out of schools. Walker referred to research published in January in which two-thirds of primary school teachers said arts education had declined since 2010.

Tristram Hunt ‘not interested’ in V&A prayer room

A photo of a gallery at the Victoria and Albert Museum
27 Jun 2019

The V&A Director is unconvinced by arguments for a dedicated prayer room in V&A East.

Rural museum web tour a hit in China

26 Jun 2019

More than 400,000 people in China watched an online tour of the Ruddington Village Museum in Nottinghamshire, streamed by a student at Nottingham University. The museum, which has received 75,000 visits since opening in 1968, described its popularity as “something of a surprise”.

Music organisations promise 50/50 gender balance

26 Jun 2019

The Royal Opera House and English National Opera are among 60 organisations including venues, orchestras, concert halls and labels who have signed up to the Keychange pledge to achieve gender parity by 2022. 190 festivals joined the project last year, but the scheme’s founder Vanessa Reid said “the gender gap is an industry wide problem, it is not just about festivals”.

Southbank Creative Director warns of 'cultural apartheid' risk

Photo of Madani Younis
26 Jun 2019

Madani Younis said "institutions that have historically not given a shit are saying 'we’re going to start caring'", but called for a faster pace of change.

Shock at closure of specialist dance injury clinic

Photo of the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital
25 Jun 2019

The National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science says it is disappointed not to have been consulted about the “accelerated” closure, which is likely to cause delays in rehabilitation.

Job centres to list theatre roles

25 Jun 2019

The plan to tackle a lack of diversity in London theatres will see 50 backstage roles advertised in job centres. Entertainment trade union BECTU said the industry is "waking up to the creative possibilities of a diverse talent pool" in sustaining its future.

Council approves Sherborne arts centre

25 Jun 2019

Plans for the venue in Dorset have now satisfied critics, who had questioned its effect on parking, local visitor numbers and nearby historic Sherborne House. Permission for an arts centre on the town centre site was initially granted in 2011 but expired when funding could not be raised.

$100m case against Universal over fire

25 Jun 2019

Artists who allegedly lost master recordings and other materials in a 2008 warehouse fire will be able to join a class action filed by the estates of Tom Petty, Steve Earle and Tupac Shakur, among others. Legal papers claim Universal was negligent in housing the music in a "known fire trap".

New Business School for the Creative Industries delayed

Photo of UCA's Epsom campus
24 Jun 2019

The multi-million pound project’s success depends on internal approvals, increased student numbers and philanthropic support.

Stalemate in Baltimore Symphony negotiations

24 Jun 2019

An ongoing employment dispute between the US orchestra's management and locked-out musicians has deepened, with each party blaming the other for the gridlock. Musicians learned on Friday that their insurance coverage had been cancelled.

£90m theatre and office development suspended

24 Jun 2019

A £90m development that would create a new theatre and council offices for Tunbridge Wells in Kent has been delayed until more options for renewing the borough's town hall and Assembly Hall theatre can be explored. About £10m has already been spent on the project, which has attracted some public backlash.

Rylance resigns over BP sponsorship

24 Jun 2019

Royal Shakespeare Company actor and Associate Artist Sir Mark Rylance said he did not want to be associated with the oil and gas giant "any more than I would with an arms dealer, a tobacco salesman or anyone who wilfully destroys the lives of others alive or unborn. Nor, I believe, would William Shakespeare".

£5.1m for circus venue

21 Jun 2019

The redevelopment of London’s Jacksons Lane will make it a “home of excellence for all non-verbal theatre”, project overseer Katy Marks said. The venue will boost its accessibility and increase its capacity from 166 to 200 seats. 

English orchestra bows out

21 Jun 2019

Milton Keynes City Orchestra will play its final concert on Sunday, ending a 44-year history. A statement from the orchestra’s board said “audiences haven’t grown significantly, the company is not resilient and there isn’t sustainable financial or resource support for professional classical music performance”.

Leeds College of Music scraps audition fees

21 Jun 2019

The college’s bid to improve accessibility for potential students reflects the institution’s commitment to an “inclusive music and performing arts education”, Vice Principal Professor Joe Wilson said. The conservatoire will also refund travel expenses for applicants from low-income households.

Great Place scheme urged to scale down ambitions

Photo of Gloucester Carnival
21 Jun 2019

A report into the pilot placemaking programme says beneficiaries “should review the ambition of their projects against practicalities”.

ACW promises to simplify Lottery grants process

Photo of the Wales Millennium Centre
21 Jun 2019

The funder says it will raise the cap on small grants from £5,000 to £10,000 and consider raising the £30,000 cap on larger applications.

London still dominates private fundraising

Photo of The British Museum
21 Jun 2019

A growing number of organisations fear that a slowing economy will harm their ability to raise funds.


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