Government supports ‘Agent of Change’ principle

18 Jan 2018

Housing Secretary Sajid Javid’s announcement that the National Planning Policy Framework will be amended to include a “detailed reference” to the agent of change principle, means the burden of complying with noise regulations could be shifted away from music venues by this summer.

EXCLUSIVE: EBacc would exclude 133,000 pupils from the arts

Girl sitting exam
18 Jan 2018

Figures reveal that children living in the most deprived areas and those with lower attainment are the most likely to lose their option to study arts subjects when the English Baccalaureate becomes compulsory. 

Parliament to investigate social impact of participating in culture

Photo of woman in museum
18 Jan 2018

The DCMS is seeking to draw the Government’s attention to culture’s impact on education, health and diversity, and create a new ‘joined up’ strategy.

Creative network seeks to tackle marginalisation in the arts

Photo of Tate Modern
17 Jan 2018

Tate and National Museum Wales will participate in a new project bringing together artists, arts organisations and youth workers to improve outreach work.

Artist studio space just for mothers opens in London

17 Jan 2018

Mother House and Create London are piloting an affordable studio space in Barking and Dagenham, which offers childcare and space to work for women with children.

Leeds plans own ‘Year of Culture’ after European let-down

Photo of a mask at the Royal Armouries
17 Jan 2018

Leeds City Council said a celebration independent of the European Capital of Culture competition would have certain advantages, such as being free to include sport.

Google project matches selfie with famous painting

16 Jan 2018

The technology company’s Arts and Culture App can analyse a picture of a face and match it with a work by painters including Van Gogh and Rembrandt. But the system has faced a backlash over fears the selfies will be stored in a database and used for other purposes.

Tate cuts ties with major donor following harassment claims

15 Jan 2018

Art dealer Anthony d’Offay, who created the Artists Rooms project after selling his £125m collection to Tate and the National Galleries of Scotland for just £28m in 2008, is facing allegations of inappropriate behaviour from three women he has worked with. One incident is being investigated by the police. D’Offay denies the allegations.

Albert Hall referred to tribunal over trustee conflicts of interest

15 Jan 2018

A judge-led charity tribunal will examine whether it is right that Royal Albert Hall trustees who own seats at the venue – which 19 of the 25 board members do – can profit from selling tickets for them. The Charity Commission said the venue has shown “minimal appetite” to address the issue so far.

Music education blamed as UK fails in ‘Olympics for violin’

15 Jan 2018

Gordon Back, Artistic Director of the prestigious Menuhin Competition, has criticised the UK’s ‘all-round’ approach to education after British violinists failed to make the 44-strong shortlist for the prize.

Singing helps mothers recover from postnatal depression

Photo of mother and baby
12 Jan 2018

Group singing is more effective than creative play at tackling depressive symptoms, according to a study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry.

Equity backs gender parity casting tool for theatres

12 Jan 2018

Neropa, a system that helps theatre, film and TV-makers assess which roles in a script could be played by men or women, will be launched next week.

Creative industries risk losing 27,000 jobs in no-deal Brexit

Photo of Sadiq Khan
12 Jan 2018

An impact analysis commissioned by London's mayor shows the country could lose up to £3.3bn in growth by 2030 if no long-term or transitional deal is put in place.

Creativity in schools to be compared across the world

Photo of imagination
12 Jan 2018

The PISA test, traditionally used to compare literacy and numeracy around the globe, will measure creativity in recognition that these skills cannot be automated.

Agent of Change principle moves closer to becoming law

12 Jan 2018

Campaigners say proposed changes to planning legislation would protect music venues from “unfair and unreasonable” soundproofing costs.

Questions added to arts charities’ annual returns

Photo of donations
12 Jan 2018

Detailed information on staff pay, trustee benefits and overseas income will now be required as the Charity Commission seeks to improve transparency.

Survey reveals UK attitudes towards European culture

Photo of the Louvre
12 Jan 2018

A survey of 1,000 adults in each European Union country finds older and less educated UK adults place less value on Europe’s cultural heritage.

Liverpool announces celebrations to mark European Capital of Culture anniversary

11 Jan 2018

More than 40 events and festivals will take place across the city over four ‘seasons’ to mark ten years since Liverpool spent a year as European Capital of Culture.

Audiences hit by £1.6m ticket fraud last year

11 Jan 2018

Almost 4,000 individual incidents involving fake tickets were recorded by the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers for the six months leading to October 2017.

New DCMS ministers voted against rights for EU nationals

Photo of Matt Hancock
11 Jan 2018

New Culture Secretary Matt Hancock has sought to reassure creative industries workers about his commitment to protecting the rights of EU citizens in the UK.


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