By connecting characters on stage with the everyday lives of ordinary people, theatre makers can build the empathy needed to make change happen, says Tita Anntares.

Often, when we’re moved by the news we see on the internet - a touching story about long-lost siblings, an emotional look at a major world conflict - we don’t just sit back and watch. We comment on and share the story, never considering the screen as a fourth wall. We offer our insights, experiences, contempt, rage, and support. And, by interacting, we become part of a community.

I write plays about people caught in conflicts that are going on in the world, and I’m always looking for ways to build empathy in my audiences. I want the people who see my shows to go beyond simply experiencing the story from the character’s point of view; I want to stir something in them so they feel like they’re part of the character’s community, like they’re ready to take action in real life to support the actual people facing similar challenges'... Keep reading on HowlRound