Are West End theatres pricing themselves out of the market? Richard Jordan believes the escalating cost of attending commercial theatre will have serious consequences in the long-term.

At the turn of the century, when Madonna opened in the play Up for Grabs at the Wyndham’s Theatre, a front stalls ticket cost £37.50 – a new record at the time for drama tickets in the West End.
Today, that same seat at the Wyndham’s Theatre to see The Price, opening in February, will set you back £69.75, with premium stalls seats also available at £99.75 and £127.75. That’s an enormous leap, reflecting the increased cost of theatregoing.
Next week The Inheritance shall play its final West End performance. Matthew Lopez’ two-parter has received universal praise and already won the Evening Standard award for best play ahead of undoubtedly a best new play nomination at the Oliviers.
In her five-star review of the West End production, Evening Standard critic Fiona Mountford went so far as to say: “Here is the play of this year, last year and possibly next year.”
With a slew of sensational reviews and a major award behind it, this would once have guaranteed a sell-out run and a returns line around the block. Instead, The Inheritance has frequently appeared on ticketing discount sites, with the likelihood that the production will not recoup its limited West End season....Keep reading on The Stage