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Title Director

Organisation UK Arts International

How long in post? Nearly 11 years ? founded the company

t: 01905 26424 e: janryan@ukarts.com

What does your organisation do? We tour, manage, present and produce a range of work that is predominantly cross-cultural and concerned with building new audiences for theatre.

What does your job involve? Running a team of eight people. I spend much of my time meeting with the companies and venues that we work with and in sourcing new productions. Some of our clients are UK based, others are overseas. My work then involves making these productions happen ? raising the money, liaising with the theatres that will present the work and generally putting the production together.

Who did you used to work for? Previously I was Head of Touring at Birmingham Rep. Prior to that I worked for several companies and organisations in administration and publicity and wrote and directed a couple of plays.

What do you enjoy most about your role? The people I meet and the places I travel to.

What do you find most difficult in your role? Finding sufficient time to enjoy what I do.

What is your career ambition? To be so successful at capacity building amongst those currently under-represented in the arts that I make myself redundant!
Who has most influenced your career to date the most and why? John Kani, Director of the Market Theatre in Johannesburg, for his ability to combine theatre with politics and make the arts meaningful.

If you could have done any job, what would it be? Exactly what I am doing now ? although I would have liked to have worked with Joan Littlewood when she was running Stratford East.

If you had three wishes for the future of the arts, what would they be?
? For there to be better cross-cultural representation amongst decision-makers
? For the arts to be more inclusive in terms of audiences
? For the arts to address issues which will make them a more meaningful force in people?s lives

In issue 40 of ArtsProfessional (p14) we published incomplete details of Elizabeth Anderson & Associates, who can be reached at t: 01665 674631
e: anderson.funding@virgin.net;
w: http://www.afc.org.uk/members/anderson.htm.
We apologise for this omission.