Funding situation is “critical”, say Core Cities

Photo of Manchester city
09 Jan 2015

Local authorities in the UK’s largest cities are calling for a fairer share of government arts funding and devolution of cultural budgets to regional cultural capitals, warning that they will be concentrating their own resources on statutory services.

EXCLUSIVE: London authorities fail to pull their weight

Photo of Middlesbrough
28 Nov 2014

London’s boroughs are relying on Arts Council England to make good a shortfall in their own arts funding relative to local authorities across the rest of England.

NAO reveals the impact of Council cuts

Queen's Theatre Hornchurch
20 Nov 2014

Cultural services have seen bigger cuts than social care but are not the worst affected, according to a National Audit Office report.

Wales fears the impact of council cuts

Photo of a young girl drawing
11 Nov 2014

It is becoming increasingly less likely that culture and arts services will be able to play a meaningful part in delivering the Government’s ambition of tackling poverty and promoting social justice, the Welsh Local Government Association has warned.

Regional funding imbalance “must be urgently rectified”

Aerial view of London
05 Nov 2014

Greater fairness in Lottery funding would help to redress the wider geographic arts funding imbalance that sees London benefit “out of all proportion to its population”, says Select Committee.

Save our music libraries

Image of pianist in library
03 Nov 2014

Local authority cuts mean that some libraries are no longer lending music scores to amateur groups. Barbara Eifler explains why she is campaigning to restore this valuable service.

Local authorities playing it safe, report warns

Photo of a tightrope walker
04 Sep 2014

The trend for closing arts services is continuing, with over a third of local authorities in England and Wales left with no arts officer.

Arts and culture valued by vast majority of local authorities

Photo of giant street puppet theatre
25 Jul 2014

NLGN praises local authorities seeking new models for delivering arts and culture, and calls on more to do the same in the face of continuing cuts.

£18m boost for music education

Photo of young boy playing the violin
22 Jul 2014

Government announces extra funds and ends fears that local authorities will be asked to terminate music services.

Poor areas suffer highest local authority arts cuts

Photo of girl painting
01 May 2014

Shadow Culture Minister used Freedom of Information to reveal the impact of Government cuts on local authority spend on culture and libraries. 

Lottery funding landscape laid bare

Photo of Durham
25 Apr 2014

The distribution of Lottery funding for the arts is a closed system, operating for the benefit of a small number of arts organisations but to the detriment of wider society and the economy, according to a new report by the authors who recently revealed England’s regional arts funding imbalance.

Pressure mounts on councils to cut music education funding

Photo of school children playing instruments
17 Apr 2014

The Department for Education is warning that there should be no money in local authority education budgets for extra-curricular music and arts. 

The community rights challenge

Image of dancers on the streets of London
31 Mar 2014

Can our theatres be considered as ‘community theatres’ and be listed as Assets of Community Value? Mhora Samuel discusses the significance of this question.

ACE rules out separate strategy for rural areas

Photo of Scallop sculpture on Aldeburgh beach
21 Mar 2014

Partnerships with Defra, local authorities and LEPs will be key to delivering the Arts Council’s strategy in rural communities. 

The commissioning game

Image of CONTACT installation
19 Feb 2014

Do commissions from funding bodies based on measurable outcomes really benefit arts organisations? Ross Harvie reflects on the issue.

Shadow Culture Minister stands up for the regions

04 Feb 2014

Arts Council England must act to avert the regional crisis growing from local authority arts funding cuts, says Helen Goodman.

New ACE strategy: Keep calm and carry on…

08 Nov 2013

Arts Council England's update of its 10-year 'strategic framework' makes for sober and serious reading. But while there are no dramatic changes in its ambitions and priorities, Mark Robinson finds a worrying lack of solutions for cash-strapped artists and no recognition of the regional imbalance in arts funding.

Festivals for the future

Image of brass concert at Weymouth Bridge
30 Sep 2013

Gillian Taylor looks at how festivals can involve communities in making site-responsive works that create a sense of pride in lost and forgotten places.

Tight times

Image of street festival
09 Sep 2013

Arts Development UK’s latest survey on arts spending in local authorities in England and Wales reveals a "dramatic and changing picture". Pete Bryan and Judy Hughes set out their findings.

Scotland looks at best practice for musical tuition

Girl playing music
28 Jun 2013

Greater collaboration between local authorities could improve opportunities for instrumental music tuition in Scotland, says latest report.


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