Bristol City Council and ACE sign Memorandum of Understanding

Photo of the Mayor of Bristol and Peter Bazalgette signing the memorandum
04 Dec 2015

A four-year Memorandum of Understanding outlines a potential model for collaboration between Arts Council England and local authorities if devolution progresses.

“Astonishing” result for ACE in spending review, says Bazalgette

Photo of Sir Peter Bazalgette
27 Nov 2015

The autumn statement, which protected money to the arts but delivered a blow to local authorities, has drawn mixed responses.

Cities recognise benefits of culture, report finds

Photo of an outdoor concert
26 Nov 2015

Local authorities envisage a shift away from direct provision of cultural services, but are preparing to lead by articulating a vision, brokering partnerships, and sourcing new funding.

Riding a bike that’s on fire

Photo of Bethany Houldsworth
02 Nov 2015

Bethany Houldsworth reveals how she’s learned a lot as a Creative Apprentice for Lancashire County Council – not least about herself.

Work closely with the arts, London Mayor tells developers

Photo of Mayor of London Boris Johnson
29 Oct 2015

A new guide aims to help councils, developers and planners integrate culture into the capital’s developments.

Edinburgh council prepares to overhaul arts funding

Photo of someone in bright blue carnival dress
22 Oct 2015

More partnership working is key for the future of local authority arts funding in Edinburgh, but delays and a budget deficit are hindering progress.

Competing against other demands

Photo of a giant sculpture of a hippo in the Thames
21 Oct 2015

Paul Martin reveals how London’s boroughs are protecting arts and culture against rising rents and funding cuts.

Financial advantages

Photo of drummer
01 Oct 2015

Richmond Arts Service shared resources and took advantage of new funding opportunities by working in partnerships, say Pippa Joiner and Emma Cookson.

The arts on a zero budget

Photo of art in tube station
24 Sep 2015

How can a council support the arts when its budget has been cut completely? Charlotte Fergusson shares the inspiring story of Westminster City Council.

Learning for the future

Mobile Phone grass flowers
24 Sep 2015

Caroline O’Neill explains why a project using the arts to improve the lives of looked after children and adults with dementia, across four local authorities in South Wales, was so successful.

Connecting with local people

Photo of Geraldine Pilgrim's 'Well'
17 Sep 2015

When it comes to art and culture in Barking and Dagenham, local people call the shots. Miriam Nelken and Helen Ball share the story of the 100 Cultural Connectors.

Appealing to local residents

Photo of children in aprons
15 Sep 2015

Lorna Lee reveals how William Morris Gallery boosted its visitor numbers from 17,000 to 110,000 by engaging local people.

Local authority arts spend “reasonably stable”, survey finds

Photo of coins
11 Sep 2015

The average local authority arts budget for 2015/16 is £847k, a 3.5% decrease on last year, according to Arts Development UK.

From closure to creation

Photo of Truro Cathedral concert
10 Sep 2015

Since Cornwall Council closed its schools music service, an independent service has emerged that is no longer at the mercy of politicians, writes Gareth Churcher.

Mission made possible

Photo of Music Mix concert
10 Sep 2015

Partnerships with local authories are crucial to Orchestras Live’s work. Henry Little reveals how they’ve maintained relationships through challenging economic times.

Repositioning a service

Photo of Infinity Box at Turner Contemporary
10 Sep 2015

Tony Witton reports on the changes Kent County Council’s arts and culture service has made since asked to find new ways to pay for itself.

Social capital in practice

Photo of beach at De La Warr Pavilion
10 Sep 2015

Has East Sussex County Council achieved the unachievable? Sally Staples reveals how, through a social capital study of De La Warr Pavilion, it unearthed a way to describe the intangible value culture.

Going it alone

Photo of award-winning group
10 Sep 2015

Dorset's local authority arts service has just made the complex transition to a public service mutual. Lindsay Harrod shares the issues they faced and the benefits they are now reaping.

What should we be doing?

Photo of dancer in library
10 Sep 2015

Public sector finances are not going to change any time soon, so we need to act to make sure efforts to bring arts and culture to those who don’t currently engage isn’t pushed off the agenda, says Jane Wilson

Theatres report drop in schools work

Photo of a puppet
21 Aug 2015

Budget cuts, the introduction of the EBacc and mass academisation of schools has created a “perfect storm” for theatre companies working with young people, sector figures warn.


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