The commissioning game

Image of CONTACT installation
19 Feb 2014

Do commissions from funding bodies based on measurable outcomes really benefit arts organisations? Ross Harvie reflects on the issue.

Shadow Culture Minister stands up for the regions

04 Feb 2014

Arts Council England must act to avert the regional crisis growing from local authority arts funding cuts, says Helen Goodman.

New ACE strategy: Keep calm and carry on…

08 Nov 2013

Arts Council England's update of its 10-year 'strategic framework' makes for sober and serious reading. But while there are no dramatic changes in its ambitions and priorities, Mark Robinson finds a worrying lack of solutions for cash-strapped artists and no recognition of the regional imbalance in arts funding.

Festivals for the future

Image of brass concert at Weymouth Bridge
30 Sep 2013

Gillian Taylor looks at how festivals can involve communities in making site-responsive works that create a sense of pride in lost and forgotten places.

Tight times

Image of street festival
09 Sep 2013

Arts Development UK’s latest survey on arts spending in local authorities in England and Wales reveals a "dramatic and changing picture". Pete Bryan and Judy Hughes set out their findings.

Scotland looks at best practice for musical tuition

Girl playing music
28 Jun 2013

Greater collaboration between local authorities could improve opportunities for instrumental music tuition in Scotland, says latest report.

Arts sector is “scaremongering” says Minister

Ed Vaizey
14 Mar 2013

Vaizey's rejects any notion of 'the arts in crisis' but local authority survey findings tell a different story.

A most deserving audience

Photo of young children at a theatre performance
07 Mar 2013

The North East Children’s Theatre Consortium ensures that fantastic theatre for children and young people remains centre-stage. Miranda Thain explains its origins and role.

Life after funding

Photo of a script development session at Charter School in Dulwich
06 Feb 2013

When Box Clever learned that it would be losing its small but significant funding from Arts Council England, Michael Wicherek feared that this might be the end of the road for the company.

Pickles advises councils to lease unused art

Eric Pickles
15 Jan 2013

The Secretary of State has called for local councils' gallery archives to go on loan to make money.

Let’s get commercial

16 Oct 2012

Sean Egan believes that the new Localism Act gives local authorities the opportunity to enter into a more commercial relationship with arts organisations.

Swings and roundabouts

11 Jun 2012

Rick Bond weighs up the implications of transferring to a trust

Paying the police

16 Jan 2012

Policing of events used to be provided at no cost to the event organiser, but this is no longer the case. Andy Grove explores the implications and explains what is being done to address them

A fine balancing act

21 Nov 2011

Outdoor arts have risen in profile over the past ten years. Bill Gee examines the position of the sector in relation to the current economic climate and the countdown to 2012

When the going gets tough…

25 Jul 2011

Ralph Lister on what’s next for Somerset’s arts


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