Paying the police

16 Jan 2012

Policing of events used to be provided at no cost to the event organiser, but this is no longer the case. Andy Grove explores the implications and explains what is being done to address them

A fine balancing act

21 Nov 2011

Outdoor arts have risen in profile over the past ten years. Bill Gee examines the position of the sector in relation to the current economic climate and the countdown to 2012

When the going gets tough…

25 Jul 2011

Ralph Lister on what’s next for Somerset’s arts

Local authority budgets crash

09 Jun 2011

Arts services departments are being restructured in an attempt to mitigate the impact of the cuts

Henley Review sparks shake-up of music education

07 Feb 2011

New structures will emerge for music education and funding, but curriculum issues remain

Seismic shifts

03 Feb 2011

Sean Egan on the changing landscape for local authorities and the arts

London cuts on hold

03 Feb 2011

Proposed cuts were not fully assessed for gender, disability and race equality impacts, judicial review finds

The sector speaks

01 Nov 2010

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Louise de Winter, Mark Pemberton, Roy Clare, Marcia Hutchinson, Stephen Cottrell, Hannah Nicklin, Michael Boyd, Francis Reid, Paul Kelly, John Smith, Rachel Tackley, Gerry Morrissey, Caroline Miller, Nica Burns and Mark Skipper comment on the Spending Review and ACE’s funding decisions

The sector speaks

01 Nov 2010

Comment on the Spending Review and ACE funding decisions

Fears for local authority arts funding

01 Nov 2010

Concerns are mounting that non-statutory local authority services, including the arts, will be seen as an easy target for cuts

Vote of confidence

27 Sep 2010

Stakeholders respond positively in research on the working relationships, purpose and achievements of Arts Council England


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