The CEO of the English National Opera doesn't care how people get hooked - "we just want the artform to grow and thrive". Does equating opera with reality television improve its appeal or dumb it down, asks Hannah Furness.

'The next artistic director of English National Opera should watch I’m A Celebrity and appreciate Fleabag, the company’s chief executive has said, as he claims the art form is just like Love Island. 
Stuart Murphy, the CEO of ENO, said it would be “healthy” for the new director to be “aware of the pull” of popular culture such as superhero films in order to win over audiences to the opera. 
Claiming that those suffering from “Love Island withdrawal” should visit the opera instead, he claimed the ITV2 reality television show “echoes the drama we see on stage” with its “passion, lust, betrayal, glamour, love, friendship, silliness”. 
Murphy, who previously worked in television before joining the opera company, said that the search for a new artistic director to replace Daniel Kramer would require “someone who clocks how outward-facing opera, and ENO, needs to be”.' ... Keep reading on The Telegraph