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The arts data companies' partnership during Covid-19 has evolved into a union that aims to "accelerate" results for clients.

The partnership marries Purple Seven's technical skills with TRG's consulting expertise

A new alliance in arts intelligence will forge the "most comprehensive database of consumer consumption and behaviour in the world".

UK arts data company Purple Seven has joined international arts management consultancy TRG Arts following a year-long formal partnership.

The pair developed the Covid-19 Sector Benchmark, which tracks arts consumption for 500 organisations globally. TRG says its investment in Purple Seven will "accelerate its field insight and action for clients".


"We collaborated to deliver actionable information at a time the sector really need it, and that is driven by our shared values," CEO Jill Robinson said.

"Both Purple Seven and TRG were founded by entrepreneurs who believe that strong arts and culture are essential for better communities, and that people can drive greater results for their organisations with access to data."

Purple Seven, incorporated in the UK in 2002, caught TRG's eye when the company first entered the UK market five years ago: "Their reputation as results-oriented caught our attention," Robinson said.

Purple Seven Managing Director David Brownlee said the merger was "great news for arts organisations and audiences in the UK and internationally".

"The Purple Seven team is really excited about working with TRG Arts to support the sector as we emerge from these challenging times."

On scalability

The partnership will produce strategic insights for arts organisations at a greater scale, marying Purple Seven's technical skills with TRG's consulting experience.

Robinson said the alliance will enable a "21st Century" approach to technology and tools that gives an industry context to audience data. 

"Our combined resources will focus on driving growth and resiliency for clients from the most sophisticated cultural organisations to the simplest of operations."

TRG Arts is offering Purple Seven clients a complimentary strategy session on using the organisations' combined resources, Robinson added.  

Upcoming changes

Little will change in the short term, TRG says, with Purple Seven continuing to run as a separate legal entity until April.

However, "at some point TRG Arts may restructure its UK operation", a statement from the company said.

Robinson commented: "Our vision is that there will be new opportunities and growth in the scale of our operations in the UK and internationally; we’re thrilled to integrate the experience and skill the Purple Seven team brings."

TRG Arts may keep the Purple Seven brand since the company is more established in the UK, but no firm decision has yet been made.