14th October 2021

Councils call for an extra £400,000 funding for arts and culture as venues in smaller authorities face life-threatening cuts.

The trend has raised fears about diminishing access for disabled audiences - but research suggests they too are starting to switch off.

13th October 2021

Eight school networks will develop creativity to inspire long term curriculum change – but not necessarily in arts subjects.

12th October 2021

11th October 2021

It is the first time a performing arts organisation has achieved the designation, opening opportunities to investigate issues of importance to the sector.

The challenge now for some of the latecomers will be completing years' worth of planning in weeks.

7th October 2021

Nadine Dorries courted controversy by saying you have to come from privilege to make it in the arts. Is she right? 

Organisations are finding themselves in bidding wars over a shrinking pool of quality candidates. Is this the start of a talent drain?