20th April 2020

17th April 2020

Desperate pleas from those who are losing their livelihoods have revealed the stress that Arts Council England’s grant application system – known to be dysfunctional since 2016 – has placed on them.

Artists have spoken out against an emergency funding formula that assumes a cultural ecosystem exists and will support artists through the current crisis.

The number of event cancellations at small rural venues is placing “an immense personal toll” on those who programme professional artists and companies in community settings.

Universities have been tasked with identifying ‘what works’ for creative organisations aiming to become more inclusive and open up opportunities and access to a wider range of talent.

Family and friends are helping artists to make ends meet as their incomes – and those of the organisations that contract them – start to plummet.

16th April 2020

14th April 2020

10th April 2020

Volunteer programmes have been suspended and freelance contracts are at risk as museums take measures to sustain themselves through the Covid crisis.

Job opportunities for theatre makers will be created during the period of social isolation through a partnership offering a high profile digital platform supported by BBC Cymru Wales and BBC Arts.

The Labour MP’s recent report on the role of culture confronted “the perception, and the reality” that arts, culture and creativity are middle class pastimes with too great a focus on London and the South East.

9th April 2020

Urgent letters to the Chancellor of the Exchequer are already highlighting the plight of arts workers and businesses falling through the financial safety nets in place for employed and self-employed workers.