30th October 2018

29th October 2018

26th October 2018

Analysis of a 14-week theatre tour by a black-led NPO finds large and diverse audiences, high ticket sales and positive reviews.

Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Education Lord Agnew said that arguments for  music to be viewed as a ‘facilitating subject’ should be taken to the universities.

25th October 2018

The decision follows years of protest and the termination of similar relationships at two major Dutch galleries.

The grant will be used to both prepare for the year of activities and fund the programme of work.

23rd October 2018

22nd October 2018

Arts, cultural and creative organisations will receive lower interest rates if they can demonstrate positive social impact.

19th October 2018

6,000 students from across England shared why and how they engage in cultural activity, with a quarter saying that their school introduced them to the arts.