7th April 2020

The Bromsgrove arts centre was returning to financial health following local authority cuts, but the coronavirus crisis has proved fatal for the organisation, which needs £10,000 a month to lie dormant.

6th April 2020

3rd April 2020

Creative practitioners are being told “you have the power to change the world” but responses to its creative brief will be rewarded with profile and exposure, not cash.

2nd April 2020

£11m for Scotland, £7m for Wales and £1m for Northern Ireland as their arts councils announce plans to support organisations and creative workers.

31st March 2020

Thousands of arts, culture and heritage charities improve communities, wellbeing and isolation – "functions that are particularly important during this crisis".

30th March 2020

As cultural venues sit empty, a national audit finds the UK's museums in dire condition.

Disabled artists say their safety, security and insight into limited lifestyles are crucial during this crisis.