22nd July 2018

Incoming Executive Director Erin Gavaghan believes the sector still has work to do on changing traditional working structures to make them more appealing to women.

20th July 2018

91 companies and organisations in the UK were supported by Creative Europe last year, receiving 10% of the scheme’s total funds.

A report commissioned by Arts Council England finds that two-thirds of the sector want the body to advocate its value to central government, but only a minority think it should be measuring quality.

The country’s culture was ranked second globally, remaining behind the US and ahead of France and Germany.

Creative and cultural organisations are struggling to recruit employees with fundraising and business support skills, a new report reveals.

The former CIF policy priority of campaigning against a compulsory EBacc in schools has been shelved in favour of an “early emphasis on creative careers”. 

19th July 2018

18th July 2018

17th July 2018

13th July 2018

15 employees will be affected by the closure of Culture Republic, following the loss of its annual funding from Creative Scotland.