9th March 2018

The DCMS has published an ‘action plan’ to help cultural organisations make the best use of new technology.

Arts education professionals and politicians met this week as a first step to tackling the structural problems causing the arts to be neglected in many schools. 

East London Dance and Urban Development will use the funding to create the UK’s first National Talent House for Urban Culture.

New research by Julie’s Bicycle finds arts organisations are saving money and boosting their reputations by adopting environmentally sustainable practices.

After a week of artist boycotts, public protest and ticket sale freezes, BAE Systems has announced it will redirect its support for the Great Exhibition of the North to other “better suited” initiatives.

8th March 2018

7th March 2018

5th March 2018

2nd March 2018

The previous Director of Dance UK has returned to the country after a stint working for Orlando Ballet in Florida.

Organisations and venues will be expected to adopt and follow robust policies and procedures on tackling inappropriate behaviour and bullying.

AP analysis finds EU culture spend per person is highest in the English regions with the largest proportion of ‘leave’ voters.

A London Assembly Economy Committee report also encourages galleries and museums to extend their opening hours.

1st March 2018

BAE Systems, accused of “profiteering from the deaths of innocent children” in Yemen, is one of the Exhibition’s three ‘Premier Partners’.

A new Paul Hamlyn Foundation initiative will see What Next? and the Cultural Learning Alliance receive £150k each to “continue their core mission”.