30th April 2020

Museums and galleries across Europe are preparing to open, but the impact of social distancing measures and a lack of tourists raises concerns for their viability.

Grassroots music venues, artist studio workspaces, independent cinemas and LGBTQ+ venues will share a fund that aims to catch those falling through the gaps in Government coronavirus support schemes.

29th April 2020

As Scotland’s emergency funding is overwhelmed by demand, the Scottish Artists Union is highlighting the plight of visual artists whose landlords are demanding rent while excluding tenants, preventing them from making or selling their work.

28th April 2020

24th April 2020

Funding for creativity has been renewed in the run-up to a new cross-disciplinary curriculum in Wales that will see Expressive Arts become a main pillar of the learning framework.

The £90m emergency fund earmarked to support ACE’s National Portfolio Organisations and Creative People and Places consortia is no more than a drop in the ocean against the vast income streams they are losing as a result of the shutdown.

Leading representative bodies have set out their concerns for visual artists, telling the Chancellor of the Exchequer why coronavirus financial support systems are failing to support them and leaving the nation’s cultural life in jeopardy.

23rd April 2020

22nd April 2020

A coordinated focus on strategy, planning, communication and campaigns will enable a region-wide response to the current situation.

21st April 2020

Students will be at the heart of programmes for developing entrepreneurial skills and using theatre techniques to improve patient experience in the NHS.

20th April 2020