What now?

01 Nov 2010

WEB EXCLUSIVE: While the arts community considers its response to the fine print of the Comprehensive Spending Review, Neil Darwin, Director of Regional Cities East, proposes setting aside local projects and dissolving local authority boundaries in favour of more substantive partnership investments at a sub-regional level

The green issue

01 Nov 2010

Clare Cooper urges arts organisations to understand that they have the power to change hearts and minds as we face up to the challenges posed by global warming and resource scarcity.

An absolute priority?

01 Nov 2010

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Paul Harman, Chair of TYA-UK, hits back at ACE’s claims that it prioritises young people, but endorses the idea that regularly funded organisations should take more responsibility locally and regionally for building audiences, touring circuits and promotional activity

The sector speaks

01 Nov 2010

Comment on the Spending Review and ACE funding decisions

A national concern

27 Sep 2010

I value the arts, says Anne Bonnar, but why is the scope and reach of the NCA’s recent campaign limited north of the border?

Creativity in numbers?

27 Sep 2010

In response to our special news story published online last week, Liz Hill unpicks the figures used by CCE to justify its existence

Evaluating value

Photo of choristera
13 Feb 2006

Debate about how best to justify support for the arts has evolved in recent months with the notion of cultural value. Eleonora Belfiore shares her views on it.

Censorship - A considered approach

Woman and man
04 Jul 2005

The forced closure of ‘Behzti’ last year have sent shock waves through the theatre industry and raised timely questions about censorship, freedom of speech and the importance of religion and drama in a multicultural society. Jonathan Church looks at the aftermath of the controversy.

Deafened by decibel?

Photo of graffiti - two men shouting
28 Jun 2004

Munira Mirza thinks anti-racist policies in the arts can sometimes fuel racial tensions rather than appease them.

Only Connect: a new blueprint for audience development

Boy and teddy bear on bridge
03 Jun 2002

Despite the current obsession, nobody seems to have nailed down exactly what we mean when we talk about ‘audience development’. The definitions are many; the scope for woolly thinking wide. Richard Hadley thinks it’s time to take stock.


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