Job Ladder - Alice McGrath

Photo of Alice McGrath
22 Apr 2015

Joint Executive Producer of Scottish Dance Theatre, Alice McGrath, looks back at her career to date.

My Gurus – Michael Cabot

09 Apr 2015

London Classic Theatre’s Michael Cabot demonstrates why you should never be afraid to ask for help, as he names those who have guided and inspired his career.

My Gurus - Bobby Baker

02 Apr 2015

Bobby Baker, Artistic Director of Daily Life Ltd, names those who have inspired and guided her.

Job Ladder

Photo of Louise Emerson
26 Mar 2015

Louise Emerson explains how she ended up as CEO of Cheltenham Festivals, after beginning her career designing broadband amplifiers.

My Gurus

19 Mar 2015

Carien Meijer, Chief Executive of Drake Music, pays tribute to those who inspire her.

A commissioner’s views on priorities and opportunities

Photo of a session of the Dance for Parkinson’s project
19 Mar 2015

Linden Rowley interviews Christian Markandu about the priorities for his commissioning service and the opportunities for arts and cultural organisations of all sizes.

Job Ladder

Photo of Chris Denton
05 Mar 2015

Chris Denton reflects on the career that has taken him all around the world, and finally back to London’s South Bank.

Job Ladder

Photo of Zoe Dunbar
26 Feb 2015

Zoe Dunbar, the new Director of the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, takes us through the steps of her career path.

My Gurus

19 Feb 2015

Independent dance producer and consultant Gwen Van Spijk reflects on those who have guided and inspired her. 

Job Ladder

Photo of Maria Balshaw
11 Feb 2015

Maria Balshaw describes the career in visual arts and academia that led her to become Director of the Whitworth and Manchester City Galleries.

My Gurus

05 Feb 2015

As he prepares to open a new arts and learning centre, Leon Patel reflects on those that have helped and inspired him since the moment he picked up his first tambourine.

My Gurus

21 Jan 2015

Paul Robinson reveals those that inspire his work, and why he might just be in love with Shami Chakrabarti.

My Gurus

08 Jan 2015

Now she has left a-n, Susan Jones reflects on those who have helped her over the course of her career.

Job Ladder

Photo of Ivan Wadeson in the Duke's auditorium
16 Dec 2014

The new Executive Director of The Dukes in Lancaster, Ivan Wadeson, looks back on his career.

My Gurus

03 Dec 2014

The new Managing Director of Sistema England, Fiona Cunningham, pays tribute to those who have inspired her over the course of her career.

My Gurus

27 Nov 2014

As she takes the helm at Oxford Playhouse, Louise Chantal reflects on those who have inspired her career. 

My Gurus

20 Nov 2014

Artistic and Creative Director of Wales Millennium Centre, Graeme Farrow pays homage to those who have inspired him over the course of his career.

Our Gurus

29 Oct 2014

Following the launch of ‘Phenomenal People’, a project celebrating inspirational women, founders of Fuel Louise Blackwell & Kate McGrath name the women who have inspired their careers.

Job Ladder

Photo of Phil Castang
22 Oct 2014

Phil Castang takes us through the steps of his career in the music world, which landed him at the helm of Bristol Plays Music.

My Gurus

15 Oct 2014

Director of Half Moon Theatre for children and young people, Chris Elwell names those who have inspired him throughout his career.


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