New Head of Development at National Museums Scotland

03 Sep 2015

MARGARET CLIFT MCNULTY is set to join National Museums Scotland as the new Head of Development, having recently held a similar role at the University of Edinburgh.

My Gurus – Sita McIntosh

Photo of Sita McIntosh
02 Sep 2015

After landing her dream job at WhatsOnStage, Sita McIntosh reflects on who has inspired her career in theatre. 

Eleanor Gussman to lead Spitalfields Music

Photo of Eleanor Gussman
28 Aug 2015

Former Head of LSO Discovery at London Symphony Orchestra, ELEANOR GUSSMAN, is set to join Spitalfields Music as its new Chief Executive. 

Gillian Mitchell joins Newport Live

28 Aug 2015

The new Head of Theatre, Arts and Culture at Newport Live is GILLIAN MITCHELL, who was Director of Programmes for The MAC in Belfast until 2014.

Jonathan Church to move to Australia

Photo of Jonathan Church
28 Aug 2015

The departing Artistic Director of Chichester Festival Theatre, JONATHAN CHURCH, will take up the same title at Sydney Theatre Company, Australia, when ANDREW UPTON steps down in 2016.

Sheffield Theatres appoints Caroline Dyott

28 Aug 2015

CAROLINE DYOTT is leaving English Touring Theatre, where she has been Producer for three years, to join Sheffield Theatres as its first Associate Producer.

Sarah Boiling leaves The Audience Agency

28 Aug 2015

Deputy Director of The Audience Agency SARAH BOILING is stepping down to develop personal projects. Prior to joining the company in 2007 she held senior marketing roles at Tate, the Barbican and the Business Design Centre. 

Changes at Paul Hamlyn Foundation

28 Aug 2015

A number of promotions and appointments have been made at the Paul Hamlyn Foundation to support its new strategy, released last year.

Gemma Nelson leaves UK Theatre

28 Aug 2015

UK Theatre’s Marketing & Membership Manager GEMMA NELSON is stepping down to join the company’s ex-Executive Director DAVID BROWNLEE at his new industry guidance company Bon Culture, where she will be Senior P

My Gurus - Laura Drane

Photo of Laura Drane
24 Jul 2015

As Laura Drane prepares for the first celebration of #CaitlinDay, she names and profiles some inspirational women who have lived in the shadow of their higher profile partners.

APConversation: Does the arts have a diversity problem?

23 Jul 2015

Christy Romer spoke to four leading figures across the arts sector to ask for an answer - in their own words - to a simple question: Does the arts have a diversity problem?

My Gurus – Kate Denby

Photo of Kate Denby
16 Jul 2015

The new Executive Director of Northern Stage, Kate Denby, reflects on those who have guided and inspired her career.

Job Ladder – Jo Wright

Photo of Jo Wright
02 Jul 2015

Jo Wright tells us about his career, from long-haired rocker to Executive Director of FACT.

Job Ladder – Sheena Wrigley

Photo of Sheena Wrigley
25 Jun 2015

As she joins Manchester’s HOME, Sheena Wrigley looks back over the course of her career. 

My Gurus – Natalie Querol

Photo of Natalie Querol
17 Jun 2015

Director of The Empty Space, Natalie Querol, tells us about the people who inspire her work, supporting artists in the North East.

Job Ladder – Stuart McCue-Dick

Photo of Stuart McCue-Dick
03 Jun 2015

As he joins Wasps in Scotland, Stuart McCue-Dick reflects on his career combining accountancy and a love for the arts.

My Gurus – Helen Jamieson

Photo of Helen Jamieson
27 May 2015

Helen Jamieson of Music at Paxton tells us about the people who have guided her to her “perfect” music management job.

My Gurus – Natalie Ibu

Photo of Natalie Ibu
21 May 2015

The new Artistic Director of Tiata Fahodzi, Natalie Ibu, pays tribute to those who have helped her career.

My Gurus - Kate Wareham

07 May 2015

The new Executive Director of the National Orchestra for All, Kate Wareham, names those who inspire her work.

Job Ladder – Lynette Shanbury

Photo of Lynette Shanbury
30 Apr 2015

The new Executive Director of Spare Tyre, Lynette Shanbury, explains how she came to lead this tiny company that does big work.


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