Keen to share your knowledge and expertise with others? Want to grow your reputation as a go-to expert in your field? An editorial partnership with ArtsProfessional can give you the exposure, profile and positioning you need.

What is an Editorial Partnership?

We work in partnership with a wide range of organisations to share expertise and business skills across the widest audience possible: ArtsProfessional's readers.  Editorial partnership gives arts organisations and businesses an unrivalled opportunity to promote and publicise their knowledge and business to arts sector leaders, decision-makers and influencers - in their own words. We work together to publish content that's written by our editorial partners over a 12 month period, allowing partners' messages, values and thought leadership to shine through, and sharing valuable insights to all working in the cultural sector. 

Exclusive Partnership Benefits

We offer our editorial partners a range of exclusive benefits to ensure high visibility:

  • We publish up to 10 of your articles over a 12-month period, to reinforce your work and your brand over a sustained period
  • Articles are branded with your corporate identity, to support brand recognition across our readership
  • We publish your content as  part of our regular editorial content: we also create for you a microsite of your content within our site. 
  • All partnership articles in our archive and the microsite are open to all readers
  • Our editorial team work closely with you to identify themes that will generate the most interest among our readers, and help you to style your contributions to attract and hold readers’ attention
  • We offer a 20% discount on banner advertising, event listings, and solus emails (No discounts are given for recruitment advertising)
  • Your logo - and our partnership - will be published on our home page
  • You'll be our first call when our news team is looking for experts to comment on relevant news stories.

Why be a Partner?

You can share learning and findings more widely (from research or otherwise), and position your organisation as thought leader experts in your field: both will help you to build and maintain profile across the cultural sector. Partnership with ArtsProfessional can get you noticed by those who use and value your products, services or advice. 

Our partners are all experts in their own fields and have important things to say to our readership. Some of them are suppliers to the cultural sector involved in functions such as finance, marketing or ticketing, while others have a more arts-specific remit. Over the years, they have included organisations and businesses involved in a wide range of activities, including:

The Audience Agency : ‘Understanding Audiences’

Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy : ‘Fundraising for the Future’

Baker Richards : ‘Achieving Commercial Potential’

Cultural Commissioning Programme : ‘Engaging with public sector commissioning’

Nesta : ‘Making Digital Work’

Pro Active Resolutions : ‘Accounts and business support’

Spektrix : ‘Growing Audiences’

Our current and former partners say that they have found their partnerships with us to be an extremely cost effective way of developing very positive brand recognition, and most ask to renew their partnerships for at least a second year.

Options and Prices

Our editorial partnerships are very flexible, so you can choose the option that suits you best over a 12-month period.

A partnership costs a mimumum of £400 a month for a 12-month period. This buys £6,000 of exposure at our rate card prices, discounted by 20%.

For example, a partner may choose to:

  • Write 7 articles (7 x £495) = £3,465
  • Book an 8-week web banner (2 x £350) = £700
  • Send two solus emails (2 x £1000) = £2,000
  • Book a 4-week premium event listing = £240

Total £6405 less 20% = £5124 or £427 per month

We strongly recommend that, for maximum effectiveness, an editorial partnership should extend for a 12-month period, but if price is the main barrier for you, we can under some circumstances work with partners for shorter periods of time.

For more details of editorial partnerships, prices and eligibility, email or call Kim on 01223 200200.